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How to choose a Managed Service Provider


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Choosing a Managed Service Provider can be difficult, there are a lot of providers available but there are a lot of questions to that need to be asked before you appoint the Managed Service Provider that suits the needs of your organisation. Below we have listed five points you should consider to help your organisation choose the right provider.


Given the rate of current technological advancements and fast growth of businesses, organisations need to scale their IT resources in order to meet their ever-growing demands and needs. Typically, the size of your internal IT team is determined by the size and scope of the business. It’s important to ask yourself what happens if your business experiences a period of rapid growth, can you afford to scale up and can you scale up fast?

As your employee count increases, this brings an increased pressure on your IT team as well as more security risks – whether it is through Phishing scams, Ransomware attacks, Mobile Malware or other emerging cyber security threats. In a short space of time, your IT team can become incredibly under resourced and over stretched very quickly.

Conversely, if your business doesn’t grow at it’s forecasted rate, you could face the problem where more salaries in your IT team to be paid than resources required. Many SMEs and Mid-market organisations choose to appoint a reputable Managed Service Provider to provide Outsourced IT Support amongst a wide variety of other services as they can quickly up or downscale the level of support you require to accommodate these changes.

Cost Savings

One of the main reasons organisations outsource their IT Support is due to the cost differences between employing an in-house IT team in comparison to outsourcing your IT to a Managed Service Provider. Moving your in-house IT Support to a Managed Service IT Provider saves on desk space and also time training staff which enables you to focus on other core areas of your organisation such as growing the business.

By choosing a Managed Service Provider, they will be focused on the timely patching and upgrading of software and hardware. They will also be making sure that your organisation is less susceptible to cyber security threats, and most will include proactive monitoring ensuring they monitor your network and devices 24/7. Using the latest technologies, they will be able to detect performance issues within your organisation’s network before they arise.

More importantly they will also implement a variety of fully managed Disaster Recovery and Backup strategies which is critical in the prevention of the loss of business data. These should include traditional on-premise, Cloud and Hybrid Cloud backup and recovery solutions – all of which have a high availability.

Cyber Security and Consultancy

Cyber criminals are targeting organisations every day and data breaches are becoming more and more apparent, cyber security should be at the forefront of your organisation’s IT Security strategy. Keeping your customer’s sensitive data safe is critical, and under the GDPR legislation your organisation could face a significant fine if data is not protected properly.

While organisations who have large in-house IT teams will have robust security procedures in place, those that are smaller may not have sufficient procedures implemented and require Cyber Security Consultancy from a Managed Service Provider.

Larger Managed Service Providers, such as ourselves, have a large IT Consultancy team that have knowledge of the most advanced security systems, software and hardware on the market including Cisco Meraki, Sophos, and the entire Microsoft product stack including SharePoint, Azure and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Our team of IT Consultants will work with you to develop a cyber security strategy built around the right combination of technology, solutions, services and progresses to your business requirements and growth plans.

Digital Transformation

Although Digital Transformation is a broad term, Digital Transformation is the process of transforming your organisation ensuring it runs more efficiently, your employees are able to collaborate more and grow in an ever-changing technological landscape. Alongside IT Support, the larger Managed Service Providers will also provide Digital Transformation Consultancy with an emphasis on Cloud-based technologies.

Fundamentally a digitally transformed organisation delivers seamless efficiency to your clients as well as enhancing internal processes. Choosing a Managed Service Provider who offer Digital Transformation Consultancy will ensure that the best suited new technologies are implemented and supported and more importantly adopted within your organisation.

Compliance and Assurance

When choosing a Managed Service Provider, it is important to take in to consideration their levels of compliance and assurance. ISO certifications are now a common place requirement to demonstrate high levels of corporate governance continual business improvement, and sustainable business practice.

You should also assess their level of commitment to Cyber Security – Cyber Essentials is a Government backed accreditation that many Managed Service Providers also hold. After all, would you feel comfortable handing over your data backup to a Managed Service Provider without demonstrable compliance?

Why should you choose Infinity Group as your Managed Service Provider?

As one of the top 200 Microsoft Gold Partners in the UK, Infinity Group offer a wide range of Fully Managed IT Support, IT Consultancy and Digital Transformation services. Our large UK based ITIL Service Desk houses over 30 full time Engineers as well as our network of full time Engineers who are located remotely across the country.

If you are interested in appointing Infinity Group as your Managed Service Provider, please get in touch


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