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Cyber and Malware protection for your business


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Cyber Security and Malware threats on the rise

Did you know that 1 in 10 people have fallen victim to cyber criminals and over 5.8m incidents were recorded in the UK last year?

In light of the recent Zepto, LockyRapid and RAA ransomware viruses that have been spreading like wildfire, we wanted to share some useful tips on how you can help protect your business from future Malware attacks.

Our top 5 Cyber Security tips

1: Ensure all business data is fully backed up

We know this sounds obvious, but the amount of businesses that get in touch as cyber attack victims don’t have any form of disaster recovery plan or data backup setup. Without backup, it makes it very difficult for us to retrieve files as a result of a Malware attack or in some instances impossible. We recommend that as a minimum, servers are backed up every day ideally to the cloud. This can be easily automated so you don’t have to worry, but have assurance that nothing should be lost forever in light of an attack.

2: Implement sufficient protection

Do you have the correct antivirus and Malware protection in place? We stock a wide range of Sophos advance malware security products such as Intercept X that can help protect your business from the likes of Zepto, Locky and emerging strains of Malware as anti-virus software alone does not offer guaranteed protection from malware.

3: Secure Passwords

Ensure employee passwords are secure, confidential and regularly changed. This will prevent them being guessed and make it more difficult for cyber criminals to hack. Staff should undergo password & security training to raise awareness of threats and set out security expectations.

4: Encrypt data that’s shared online

To prevent data such as credit card details etc being intercepted by cyber hackers it is important to send these using encryption.

An example of this is our website, which is secure. You can tell this by the https:// at the start of our web address or the little padlock symbol may appear in some browsers, look out for this on websites where you are sharing your card details online. This ensures the connection between you and the website is secure and only your device and our server has the decryption key. You should also ensure all company emails are encrypted.

5: Write a business continuity plan and get Cyber Essentials certified

This should be written in advance of a cyber attack and include several disaster scenarios along with planned resolutions. It is worth investing a good amount of time into your plan ahead of a disaster, as this could cost a significant amount to resolve if there are no plans and prevention in place. If you are looking for assistance with your disaster recovery plan please get in touch with one of our Security Consultants.

Infinity Group are IT Security Specialists

We can undertake a cyber security audit to assess your current setup and make recommendations for improvements. We also provide the Cyber Essentials audits and certifications if you are looking to become compliant with the UK’s National Cyber Security Programme.

If you would like to discuss your current Cyber Security setup, looking for Cyber Security Consultancy or more details about the Cyber Essentials Scheme please get in touch.


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