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Protect your business from Dial-Through Fraud


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So, every night the office doors are locked and alarm is on – technically it’s a highly secure environment as nothing can be stolen. However, unseen by both human and electronic eyes, dial-through fraud hackers could be racking up thousands of pounds worth of call charges via your business telephone system whilst the office is closed for the night.

What is Dial-Through Fraud?

Dial-Through Fraud (DTF) which is also known as Toll Fraud is becoming increasingly common in the UK business space. It’s not a new trend either but has remained under the radar over recent years.

With many businesses remaining unaware they are being targeted, Dial-Through Fraud goes unnoticed by many businesses over time until they are alarmed by a sharp rise in phone bills and alarm bells start ringing.

Dial-through hackers hack ISDN, analogue, SIP Lines or entire telephone networks with the intention re-routing unwanted premium rate or international calls through your business PBX setup.

Financial dangers for businesses

Business owners are responsible for the security of their lines and telephone systems, and any calls charged to your account as a result of hacking are fully payable by the business. Call costs as a result of Dial-Through Fraud, sometimes in access of £50k, can easily put businesses in financial crisis overnight.

Here are four things you can do to keep your telephone system secure: 

  1. Check the security of your SIP Trunks as they are particularly susceptible via the public IP addresses attached to the telephone system or your computer network.
  1. Change all network, systems, routers, modem and computer passwords regularly and make sure they are never left as default passwords.
  1. Ensure that every mailbox on your voicemail system has a unique password that is different to any others
  1. Make sure you regularly change the access code of call conferencing functionality. If you don’t use call conferencing ensure you disable it altogether.

Here is a link to a recent article “You and Yours” on Radio 4 for further information, which describes the experience of a company in Bath who were hacked for approximately £15,000 last year.

Infinity Group are Telecoms specialists and to find out more about how you can make your telephone systems more secure or to find out about our fraud protection service please contact us.


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