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Infinity Group are now an approved provider of Friendly Wi-Fi


Infinity Group are now an approved provider of Friendly Wi-Fi2018-09-03T15:51:21+00:00

What is Friendly Wi-Fi?

Friendly Wi-Fi, first launched back in 2014 was the worlds first public Wi-Fi accreditation scheme designed to improve safeguarding of Wi-Fi networks for companies where children are likely to be present. E.g. Retail, Leisure, Hotels, Food & Beverage and Transport industries.

What are the business benefits of being Friendly Wi-Fi certified?

Becoming Friendly Wi-Fi certified means that your company has the relevant filtering in place to prevent the following being accessed by any user of the network.

· Pornography

· Webpages known by the Internet Watch Foundation to host indecent images of children, adverts or links to such content

Why should you be Friendly Wi-Fi certified?

Infinity Group are certified providers of Friendly Wi-Fi and will ensure your Wi-Fi solution includes the ability to provide internet products or services to your customers which meet the Friendly Wi-Fi content filtering specification. Once your company becomes approved, you have the added peace of mind you are compliant and are then able to display the Friendly Wi-Fi symbol around your business.

Look out for the Friendly Wi-Fi stickers around venues such as coffee shops and hotels to ensure your children are protected when using public Wi-Fi.

If you are looking to become Friendly Wi-Fi certified please get in touch with our IT Security team who can advise on the next steps.



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