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The European insurance intermediary with extensive brokers located across Europe.

Proficia is a European insurance intermediary. Proficia exists to provide insurers and intermediaries with the means to reach one another, to exploit profitable opportunities.

They specialise in helping international insurers gain access to the large but notoriously difficult to penetrate French market, through their underwriting centre and network of brokers.

Proficia’s Requirements

Proficia had an older Avaya IP office that was beginning to under perform so they were keen to update their system and potentially add SIP Trunks in future. They also wanted to implement a mobile client to allow for remote users to be catered for.

Our Solution

Infinity installed a Mitel MiVoice IP system which was connected to their existing ISDN30, but also allowed for SIP trunks at a later date. Four PC based operator consoles were installed to allow the reception team to quickly transfer incoming calls to the relevant destination as well as having control over extension statuses such as DND which they use to show when users are out of the office.

A Mitel MiCollab server was installed to facilitate a smartphone app that would allow remote users to make and receive calls on their mobile devices implying they are in the office. No VPN’s were required so users simply opened the App, waited for it to connect and make and receive calls as well as see the current status of other users.

Mitel Phone Manager was installed which enabled users to control their phones from their PC. The software integrates with Outlook as well as several other database solutions for screen popping and dialling features. Finally a MiVoice Contact Centre Office (MiCCO) was installed so that call volumes could be reported on.


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