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The First Mile provide waste recycling services to businesses in London and across the UK to help them to leave a greener footprint on the planet.

Founded in 2004, First Mile aimed to revolutionise waste and recycling for businesses. Since then they have grown significantly and now have 150 drivers and over 100 environmentalists in the London HQ.

They are passionate about using the latest technology and innovation to ensure that their waste is recycled as much as possible.

The strategic roadmap was developed and agreed allowing the digital transformation of First Mile to increase productivity, scalability and business resiliency. Infinity Group demonstrated extensive experience and knowledge across the Microsoft Cloud Platform and the partnership continues to flourish…

Tony Oshungbure - IT Manager , First Mile
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The Challenge

Prior to approaching us, First Mile outsourced their IT Support to an incumbent, however it was agreed that whilst the existing company provided good telephone and remote support, they were unable to provide the specialist expertise and technical leadership required to migrate them from the traditional on premise infrastructure to Microsoft Cloud.   

Furthermore, their incumbent were based outside London and they were seeking a local London provider to embark on the journey moving them to a cloud based solution including ongoing support.

Initial Audit

Our first task was to undertake a full audit of their sites to gain an understanding of their existing IT setup. Our Consultants then used the audit findings to formulate our strategic approach to ensure that First Mile’s new IT Strategy aligned to their business strategy.

First Mile have three offices, their Headquarters in Islington, their second office is in Park Royal and their third office is located in Birmingham.

Internet Connection

First Mile’s fast internet connection is provided by Workspace. However, frequent outages were being experienced since installation of new firewalls. This has been compounded by similar outages of server infrastructure which caused major disruption to the business.

To improve this, their serviced office recommended moving more occupants over to wireless connectivity in order to eliminate the excess cabling. Infinity Group advised against this, due to the potential 200+ devices connecting to the network across just three access points, this would not have been a workable solution.

Aside from the core network, we identified that the structure and cabling was disorganised which was causing accidental loops and broadcast storms disrupting network traffic.

SharePoint setup

A program of migrating their business documents and data over to SharePoint had previously been carried out by their incumbent, however Microsoft SharePoint caused significant problems. They were experiencing inconsistencies with their OneDrive setup which was causing mis-matches in data seen on different machines and also synchronisation errors resulting in bandwidth issues across the network.

We identified during our initial audit that the security settings within SharePoint had been set at the lowest possible level, enabling staff to share documents online and also access sensitive information allow anyone with a link to edit them without any authentication.

Threat protection

Advanced Treat Protection policies that had previously been configured did not follow Microsoft SharePoint best practice principles.


First Mile were concerned they were paying for non essential licenses that were not required, in addition to this, they were utilising Office 365 Business Premium which does not include any security features. First Mile had a mixture of Office 365 Business Premium licenses and other Microsoft license components intermingled across their workforce.

Whilst they were paying for these additions, the features within them were not being used and the extra investments were being wasted.

IT Support

First Mile were concerned that they were not getting satisfactory resolutions or resolving the root cause of the frequent support issues they were experiencing, which meant they repeatedly occurred and caused daily business disruption.

Our Solution

Our IT Consultancy team designed a multi-year roadmap for First Mile which included a range of projects presented in order of priority. This roadmap was then used as a foundation to Digital Transformation.

Our initial project was to onboard them with our Service Desk so we could start providing the 100+ users at First Mile with unlimited telephone and remote IT Support across their sites.

The second project that required attention in order to improve the organisation was the cabling and switching to ensure a solid backbone to the environment. Our specialist Network Consultants undertook a detailed survey, presented the findings and the initial project was approved to make the necessary improvements.

We then analysed the entire file structure and migrated all company documents to the Cloud utilising the Microsoft Modern Workplace – SharePoint, OneDrive and Microsoft Teams including training to the Management team.

To improve the speed of data transfer within the business, we recommended reviewing the firewall configuration to ensure it is not being overly intrusive into traffic flow and thereby causing problems with internet speeds during high-traffic periods.

Infinity Group carried out an RF Wi-Fi manual site survey to ascertain optimal positioning of the access points within the network, we then implemented the changes based on findings.

To eradicate their frequent server outages, Infinity Group recommended that the server infrastructure was reviewed immediately and we identified what needed to be improved. There were surplus Domain Controllers and a further server that we rendered redundant by migrating Azure AD Connect.

Once all machines were migrated to Azure Active Directory this was further rationalised to a single Domain Controller and SQL server. We also suggested that the last two Virtual Machines were removed in the future following the migration of their existing accounts package to the Cloud at a later date.

Microsoft Teams was chosen as their new company wide communication and collaboration solution, we ensured this was setup correctly and their SharePoint documents were accessible within it. We also made recommendations on the rollout of Teams to maximise adoption, this included Management training and user guides.

To greatly improve the security of the First Mile network, we upgraded the Office 365 licenses to Microsoft 365 Business Premium including Multi Factor Authentication, Anti-Threat Protection, BYOD Device Management.   

We also implemented an antivirus and malware solution, replaced all their firewalls and deployed a Cisco Meraki wireless network solution.

The Result

First Mile are now fully migrated to the Cloud, this move alone has drastically improved their productivity and streamlined their operations.

On the success of the initial projects at their Headquarters and the Operations Department, Infinity were commissioned to install the networking equipment and leased line at their newly opened office in Birmingham, providing a dedicated, secure fibre internet connection.

Infinity Group continue to work with First Mile on a long term basis helping them achieve their IT strategy to further improve business operations.


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