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Upgrading from PBX to Hosted Telephony


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What is PBX?

PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is an on premise phone system that routes the calls from your ISDN channels or analogue phone lines to your phones. Many businesses have PBX setups in their business and have not yet migrated to Hosted Telephony which is more a flexible and cheaper alternative.

What is Hosted Telephony?

Hosted Telephony is a telephone system that resides in the Cloud rather than in your office and does not require ISDN channels. Users access the hosted telephone system through a standard IP handset and/or mobile app, and calls are made and received over an internet connection and are routed to fixed and mobile devices.

Why should I switch my business to Hosted Telecoms?

A Hosted Telecoms solution will ensure your business telecoms are future proofed and you will also benefit from the below:

  • Reduced Telephony costs
  • Enhanced features and functionality
  • Easy to manage monthly bill
  • Remain unaffected by BT’s PSTN and ISDN switch off

Why is hosted telephony more affordable than ISDN?

1. With Hosted Telephony calls are usually inclusive of local, national and UK mobile numbers

2. ISDN channels are not needed so there is no additional cost, just one affordable fixed monthly cost

3. You can easily move location without any additional setup costs

4. You can manage call diverts and other changes yourself via the online portal without any additional costs incurred

5. You do not have to pay maintenance costs with hosted telephony solutions

How else does Hosted Telephony compare to traditional Telephony?

Infinity Group - Hosted Telecoms comparison

To find out more about our Hosted Telephony solution and get a cost comparison of your current setup please get in touch.



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