Our powerful creative agency management solution enables small to medium sized creative agencies to manage all aspects of their business from one easy to use centralised system. It offers everything you need to efficiently manage traffic management, project management, document management, time management, HR management, and integrated invoicing, billing and much more.

We understand that no agency is the same and that each will operate slightly differently, which is why we have built our system to enhance your current way of working – not change it.

Do you long for a system that manages all project management? A system where you can easily schedule resource, generate estimates, manage all documents, where staff can log their time spent on each job? Our powerful creative agency management tool can do just that but without the huge price tag of a bespoke system…

How is our agency management and CRM tool different?

Unlike off the shelf standard solutions where you shoehorn your company operations around its capability or a totally bespoke creative agency management system that requires a huge financial outlay and regular on-going maintenance. Our tailored Microsoft Dynamics CRM based solution is secure and fully adaptable to you specific agency requirements.

As a result, by implementing our our creative agency management tool agencies can replace third party systems such as Basecamp, Harvest, Dropbox, Traffic Live, HighRise along with their costly monthly subscriptions.

How can our fully tailored solution help your agency?

Our tailored solution includes a wide range of fully customisable modules the can be bolted on to ensure maximum flexibility. Our most popular modules for creative agencies are time management, project management, contract management, customer service management (logging client correspondence), Document and HR Management and integrated billing. Depending on the specific needs of your agency you may also wish to bolt on our many other useful modules.

Here is the full list of our tailored creative agency modules that you can bolt on to our powerful system.  All the modules are easily customisable and can be added at any time.


Module Capability

  • Set reminders
  • Configure hours and allocations based on the scope of work with countdown timers and alerts

Module Capability

  • currently being updated

Module Capability

  • Bulk emailing
  • Activity tracking
  • Bulk activity creation for callbacks
  • Dashboards for real time feedback

Module Capability

  • Easy activity creation
  • Automatic phone call record creation (dependent on phone system)

Module Capability

  • Lead management
  • Pipeline management for both users and the business
  • Opportunity creation and tracking
  • Automated reminders and follow up tasks
  • Guided sales process
  • Mobile enabled
  • Dashboards for real time feedback
  • Goal management

Module Capability

  • Version control
  • Document collaboration
  • Documents tracked against specific CRM records
  • SharePoint Integration
  • Indexed searching

Module Capability

  • Integration with most major accounts packages
  • Accurate, up to date financial information available to sales team
  • Ability to run credit control from CRM with automated alerts using workflow

Module Capability

  • Automated, configurable, reminder process using CRM workflow engine
  • Users can configure their own reminders
  • Third parties can be notified when actions are required

Module Capability

  • Central store of HR data
  • Absence approval process managed with workflow
  • Automated alerting when absence and sickness thresholds are reached

Module Capability

  • Out of the box suite of commonly used dashboards and reports
  • Easy dashboard creation by users
  • Easy dashboard sharing
  • Reporting wizard to create more complex reports
  • Dashboard drilldown for management meetings

Why our system is powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Why should you use our creative agency software solution?

  • Expertise – our software consultants have previously worked with the creative agency landscape and understand the pinch points
  • On-going support – our 24 hour UK based support centre is always on hand to offer additional support if needed
  • Boost productivity – improve overall business performance and efficiency with our creative agency management tool
  • Unlimited flexibility – no more shoe-horning your agency around third party software capabilities
  • Professionals – being certified Dynamics software developers you can be sure you will get the very best advice and service
  • Reliability – our tool is cloud-based so disaster recovery, backups and the very latest infrastructure come as standard

We look forward to discussing your creative agency management tool requirements in more detail. Call or email us