If you are looking for an unrestricted, ultrafast broadband connection then EFM in London is the perfect solution. EFM gives you a secure and reliable internet connection with symmetrical speeds depending on your distance from the exchange.

Unlike traditional Leased Lines connected by fibre, this 1:1 ratio un-contended service uses multiple copper pairs. In the unlikely occurrence of one copper pair failing, EFM in London will continue working to ensure guaranteed business continuity.

With EFM you will not be subject to any excessive installation charges which is why it’s regarded as a cost effective alternative to other solutions. It also comes with a financially backed SLA for peace of mind in regards to uptime.

EFM in London is one of the highest quality forms of data connectivity, meaning that it is reliable and is ideal for large data transfers for services such as video conferencing in Microsoft Teams, seamless VoIP and Hosted Telephony calls but also have3 access to Cloud services such as Microsoft Azure.

EFM is ideal for organisations who are looking for a greater bandwidth than Business Broadband but don’t want the commitment of full fibre Ethernet.


EFM in London | Infinity Group

Here are the benefits of our EFM solution

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