Our Inbound solutions can be as simple as providing a single Non-Geographic Numbers (NGN’s) where calls divert to either a fixed line or mobile number, or as complex as a highly efficient call management solution which captures call handler information and caller feedback.

Non-Geographic Numbers

We provide a comprehensive range of Inbound NGNs alongside easy to use intelligent call management applications. Our NGN range includes 0800, 0844, 0845, 0870, 0871, as well as the newest 03 number ranges.

Virtual Phone Numbers

We also provide UK wide virtual city numbers (e.g. 0203, 0113, 0141 etc.) which enables clients to create a local office presence without the cost of running a physical office or phone line.

Global Inbound Call Solutions

We also provide Inbound call solutions on a global level. Our international clients use a wide range of country specific, Inbound numbers that we manage to control global call centre flows.

Here are the benefits of our Inbound call solutions

We look forward to discussing your Inbound call requirements in more detail.