In light of the announced ISDN switch off planned for 2025, the business benefits of migrating to hosted telecoms are endless. As ISDN is now viewed as a legacy platform, this will likely mean that the standard of the existing network and support infrastructure will become both limited and restricted over the next year or so.

Another thing to bare in mind is that BT might also bring forward it’s official switch off date at short notice. With a predicted 3.2 million active ISDN channels currently in the UK, there are a lot of businesses that will soon need to consider migrating over to hosted telecoms or SIP.

But why wait until the ISDN switch off before you migrate?

Horizon is our complete hosted telecoms solution which allows our clients to manage their phone calls easily and effectively. It offers an extensive range of fixed and mobile capabilities that you control via the easy-to-use web portal allowing you to easily manage your telecoms environment yourself. Horizon software is continually being improved and updated and the most recent updates include Office 365 & Skype for Business integration.

Horizon allows you to keep your previous telephone numbers and assign a local number to remote employees who operate outside of your office environment.

Horizon Standard Features

The standard features of Horizon include, call history, voicemail, auto attendant, call recording and reporting. Horizon is compatible with a range of handsets including Polycom and Cisco models with expansion units and conference call facilities available as additional extras.

Clients find Horizon particularly useful as it easily integrates with key software including Microsoft Outlook and Skype for Business. You can immediately dial out without leaving your email pane or web page, enabling maximum efficiency during the working day.

An introduction to Horizon

Why make the switch to hosted telecoms?

  • Key benefits – hosted telecoms offer better sound quality and cheaper and easier to setup than conventional ISDN phone systems. Hosted in the cloud, they require little maintenance, which reduces on-going costs and lengthy contracts and they offer a wide range of additional call handling and management features that our clients find really useful.
  • No upfront investment – with hosted telecoms you only pay for exactly what you need on a simple ‘per seat’ basis. As you are not buying a physical phone system, you do not need to invest in expensive hardware.
  • Reduced call costs – hosted telecoms enable free site-to-site calls as standard and much cheaper call rates as all calls are via the cloud. Customers also benefit from very competitive call costs between mobile and your fixed devices.
  • Flexibility – you can retain your existing business phone numbers when you make the switch to hosted telecoms, or use any local area number wherever your business is located. This is really useful for businesses with remote staff as you can give the impression to customers that all staff are based at one central location.

We look forward to discussing your hosted telecoms requirements in more detail. Call or email us