Technology is more flexible, innovative, and responsive than ever. Harnessing the latest developments in IT to empower your business is not an easy task especially if you don’t have a specialist IT Consultancy team to hand.  IT transformation changes the way IT is delivered and how IT is experienced by an organisation which is imperative in today’s agile market place.

Infinity Group help to transform businesses by designing, planning and implementing strategic IT Transformation consulting projects that are seamlessly aligned to your business strategy, objectives and operating setup. We also work alongside large in house IT Teams providing specialist IT Transformation Consultancy for internal projects.

Our recent IT Transformation Consultancy clients

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IT Transformation Consultancy

Our specialist IT Transformation consultants will analyse your existing IT setup and identify a new, more efficient way of working using the latest technologies that will form the foundations of your IT Infrastructure. By utilising the power of the Cloud, coupled with secure file storage, the latest software subscriptions and hardware solutions, our IT Transformation Consultants will take your business IT setup to the next level whilst reducing costs and greatly improving overall efficiency.


We fully tailor every IT Transformation solution

We understand that every business operates differently which is why we completely tailor all our IT Transformation solutions to the specific needs of each client we work with. Our IT Transformation Consultants work closely alongside your core team to ensure the solution is fit for purpose and aligned to the current and future business aspirations and needs.


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What makes Infinity Group different to other IT Transformation Companies?

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Our core IT Transformation services

  • IT Governance
  • Designing IT Transformation strategy that Integrates with the business strategy
  • Re-imagining IT service delivery
  • Re-designing IT Solutions
  • Improving IT competency and adoption across your business
  • Optimising IT Infrastructure investments
  • IT Workforce Transformation
  • Delivering fully managed Outsourced IT Support to your business
  • Improving Information Management Processes
  • IT Procurement and Cost Optimisation
  • Improving ERP strategies and future deployments

What applications and tools underpin a transformed IT business?

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Change management implementation

Our IT Transformation Consultants utilise both their change expertise and IT expertise, to solve your most complex IT Challenges.

They have extensive experience in implementing both IT Transformation solutions to deliver a lasting change within an organisation and carefully managing the transitional period. This ensures any upgrades and changes are implemented seamlessly to increase overall performance and user adoption levels.


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Our IT Transformation Roadmap

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