A leased line in London is a dedicated, fixed-bandwidth, symmetric data connection that is solely for your business to use. Leased lines in London also provide a secure, reliable guaranteed bandwidth for data, internet and Voice services. They can provide symmetrical upload and download speeds ranging from 10MB to 10GB.

Businesses of all sizes use leased lines for connecting to the Internet, linking PCs and servers in different corporate offices, carrying phone calls and they enable staff to connect to their work PCs from home.

Leased Lines are fully scalable alongside your growing business. For example; if you have a 10MB Leased Line on a 100MB bearer, you can increase your bandwidth to the full 100MB capacity as your business grows, alleviating the need to purchase additional lines. Leased Lines are the most reliable of all connectivity options on the market, and as standard they come with a 99.99% SLA and inclusive 24/7 Support.

Multi-site connectivity (MPLS)

We also offer MPLS. This service allows you to connect as many offices together as you wish and you can also easily add more offices to the setup. Due to the complexity of these offerings it’s essential that you get in touch with one of our Network Consultants as we can tailor a solution around your specific business needs.

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What are the business benefits of a leased line?

Advantages for businesses who use a leased line are faster upload and download speeds, greater reliability, more security and better support. A leased line connection also does not slow down at peak times.

Speeds on a leased line in London are available from 10Mb all the way up to 10Gb (10,000Mb), and leased lines for businesses are symmetrical. This means that your businesses download and upload speeds are the same – which is incredibly helpful if you need to upload data, host a website, use a VPN, or let remote workers use your office’s servers.

A leased line is also advantageous if your organisation has a large amount of users who need to reliably connect 24/7, if your organisation transfers large amounts of data, or does financial trading – due to the security benefits of the leased line and also if your organisation uses VoIP Telephony.


Here are the benefits of our Leased Lines and MPLS solution

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