After Build case study

After Build deliver reliable outsourced customer care for new homes developers. Their skill is tailoring customer care services to manage new homes.

About the company

After Build deliver reliable outsourced customer care for new homes developers. Their skill is tailoring customer care services to manage new homes.

The business founders identified an industry with a problem, from which has grown this popular solution. Their fixed-price service makes them unique, providing clients with long-term protection against rising costs.

Coupled with control of contractors this is a compelling argument for outsourced customer care. Today, this continues to be the formula driving an efficient, reliable service.


After Build were already successfully running their business Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 on-premise hosted by Infinity, however, the management appreciated the need to keep up to date with the latest technology and take advantage of the benefits of moving into the Cloud with Microsoft Dynamics 365.


The requirement was for the After Build CRM 2015 to be moved into the Cloud into Dynamics 365 CRM with like for like functionality and user training to ensure a smooth transition for the business on the go live date.


Infinity were engaged by After Build to perform the migration. The project comprised several phases, from initial analysis, test migration of the customisations and data, training, functional testing, live migration and support.

Initial Analysis

Infinity started the project with an analysis phase to determine which parts of the system were used and to investigate the current data, the extent of the customisations, workflows, plugins and usage 3rd party tools.

Customisation Migration

The migration of the customisations involved upgrading solutions from 2015 on-premise to Dynamics 365. The key features of the upgrade project included:

  • Rewriting SQL base SSRS Reports to use FetchXML
  • Rewriting Workflows
  • Updating deprecated code for web-components, plugins and portals
  • Report improvements

Data Migration

After Build had a considerable amount of historical data. This was analysed and discussed with After Build to develop a data cleansing and archive strategy. Infinity used Scribe Online to perform the migration of the data from CRM 2015 to Dynamics 365. Careful consideration was given to the order in which the objects were migrated and ensuring records were migrated in the correct state.


The entire migration was initially done to a test environment allowing for thorough analysis of the migration of the customisations and data and to ensure all features worked as expected.


Infinity provided familiarisation training to the users and advanced training for the super users.

Live Migration

The live data migration was performed out of hours to ensure there was minimal disruption to the business.


Infinity attended the offices of After Build on the day of go-live to floor-walk and ensure the system was correctly configured and working as expected.

Additional Benefits

After Build had been using a bespoke portal to manage customer feedback. After Build are now also using Voice of the Customer for Dynamics 365 (VoC). This improves the customers experience by allowing their occupants to conveniently respond to satisfaction surveys using a phone or tablet.

Feedback is also captured from their developer clients. Just as important is the fact that internal business processes are streamlined and cases can be automatically created in Microsoft Dynamics 365 based on the survey results. The survey results analysis capabilities are also much improved. The final benefit of VoC is that Infinity trained After Build to be self-sufficient enabling them to configure and manage everything themselves.


After Build stopped using CRM 2015 on a Friday afternoon and started on the Monday morning with Dynamics 365 in the Cloud. After Build continue to be valued customer with an on-going support contract with Infinity.

After Build case study | Infinity Group
After Build case study | Infinity Group