Dynamics 365 for a small business

Getting started with Dynamics 365 Sales need not be complicated or unaffordable

 Infinity Group have re-invented the traditional approach to Dynamics business solutions with a selection of Dynamics for small business solutions as part of our UNITE fixed price solution offering. Our affordable UNITE Dynamics 365 solutions have been specifically designed for businesses looking for Dynamics CRM affordable implementation (Customer Relationship Management platform) that has the ability
to grow at the same speed as their business.


With the first 4 months of Dynamics 365 Sales licensing completely free of charge* and an implementation cost for as little as £2k,
this fixed outcome solution provides the potential to have a new, tailored and valuable Customer Relationship Management solution
up and running in as little as a few weeks.
*Microsoft License offer applies until June 2021

UNITE Dynamics 365 for small business

The demand for CRM is higher than ever as businesses are looking for ways to improve efficiency and effectively manage their pipeline. Our UNITE solution enables businesses to generate more leads/opportunities, build and manage customer relationships, optimise internal performance and effectiveness, and most importantly, deliver better customer service.

Each of our UNITE Dynamics 365 solutions have been carefully constructed to deliver fixed outcomes for a fixed price giving our customers the potential to have a new, tailored Customer Relationship Management platform in as little as just a week. Furthermore, each level of solution comes complete with the relevant training materials required that will allow you to better understand and take ownership of the new setup. Our Dynamics 365 small business solution could be what you are looking for.

CRM for Dynamics | Infinity Group
CRM FOR DYNAMICS v3 | Infinity Group

How is Microsoft Dynamics for small business scalable?

Our UNITE Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution is designed as an initial CRM solution that you can add other applications to as your business needs grow. Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a wide range of applications to enhance departmental business functions e.g. Sales, Customer Service, Project Operations, Marketing, Human Resources and so on…  Each of which fully integrate with our UNITE Microsoft Dynamics business solution and available to bolt on at a later date for an additional license fee.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for small business solution pricing

CRM need not be expensive. If you are considering our Msoft Dynamics business solution it is important to know that we offer two levels of quick start solutions for SMEs, the first ‘Sales Professional’ is £2k and the second which is Sales Enterprise starts at £5k. Please view the list of deliverables below to discover what each one includes.

Dynamics 365 for small business or Dynamics CRM affordable implementation.

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