Microsoft Dynamics 365 user enablement – training all departments

Businesses achieve the ultimate value from their digital investment when employees are empowered how to use it.

A user enablement package is often included within our initial proposal however some clients who are already using Microsoft Dynamics 365 undertake user enablement at a much later stage of the project. Each of our user enablement courses are completely bespoke and tailored to suit your businesses current product knowledge and specific to your implemented solution.  The successful user adoption criteria are set collaboratively between you and our training specialists, ensuring that we set out to achieve them together.

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Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 training programs deliver these objectives:


We educate employees about the business purpose of the implemented platform


We empower employees to enhance productivity and collaboration using the tools available


We harness increased business process efficiency, employee satisfaction and innovation


We prepare employees for future innovation, integrations and transformation as your platform evolves