Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful content management and collaboration platform which is now available both on-premise or in the Cloud via a Microsoft Office 365 subscription.

Our SharePoint Consultants will ensure you are getting the most from this complex but powerful tool. Our vast experience in SharePoint software development enables us to recommend and implement simple, effective solutions which enable your team to quickly find and use the information which is most important to them.

With built-in version control and indexing for fast searches, SharePoint provides the tools you need to maximise business efficiency. Its powerful collaboration platform also allows multiple users to work on documents together, which minimises mistakes and promotes group collaboration within documents.

Here are the benefits of our SharePoint Consultancy services

Microsoft SharePoint bespoke training

Organisations achieve the ultimate value from their investments when employees are empowered how to use the purpose of their business solutions. We offer Microsoft SharePoint training programs that deliver these objectives:

  • To explain the importance of the implemented Microsoft SharePoint solution
  • To empower employees to enhance productivity using the tools available
  • To optimise business processes, employee satisfaction and innovation

Each course is bespoke and tailored to suit your businesses current product knowledge and specific to your implemented solution. The successful adoption criteria are set collaboratively between you and our training specialists, ensuring that we achieve them together. We also offer Dynamics 365 and Office 365 training programs.


We look forward to discussing your SharePoint requirements in more detail.