A comprehensive guide to replacing legacy accounting systems

Date: 27th July 2022
Time: 11-11:30am
Location: Microsoft Teams Live

Strategic cloud-based solutions for your accounting needs

The era of legacy accounting software is coming to an end. Embracing change in the modern technology ecosystem is important in differentiating your business from that of competitors. That is why we have put together this webinar to serve as a blueprint to help you switch from outdated accounting software to the most effective and advanced accounting platform.

The webinar will be useful for anyone who actively uses accounting software on a daily basis, to learn improved applications to enhance current processes.

Topics to be covered:

  • Demystifying cloud accounting software and outlining their role in expanding the reach of your business
  • How to perform accounting tasks efficiently with new and modern technologies
  • Steps on promoting system inter-connectivity and integration
  • How to make smarter decisions with centralised data
  • Steps on improving customer service with cloud accounting technology
  • How to automate systems and processes together
  • The hidden costs and risks of legacy applications
  • How to keep up with customer demands and requirements using accounting systems with AI features
Speaker - Tristan Shortland

Speaker - Tristan Shortland

Driving change within Infinity Group’s Innovation Lab, Tristan oversees the latest technological development across Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365 and Azure

You can find Tristan on LinkedIn.