KIMS Hospital is the largest independent private hospital in Kent, providing prompt, safe, quality care across a range of services to self-pay, privately insured and NHS patients.

Case Study: KIMS Hospital Case Study

Case Study: KIMS Hospital Case Study

Enhancing Customer Engagement with Microsoft Dynamics 365

As an innovative and constantly expanding company, KIMS Hospital identified the need to upgrade their systems to a more centralised approach. They required a platform that would allow complete visibility across a number of elements, help to streamline administrative processes and be intuitive enough to help maintain, if not improve, customer experience.

KIMS Hospital engaged Infinity Group to implement the Dynamics 365 CRM solution.


The Solution

Infinity worked with the KIMS Hospital team to establish business requirements and identify streamlined form customisations to ensure suitability of the Dynamics 365 CRM solution once implemented.

By working closely with KIMS Hospital, Infinity were able to implement Dynamics 365 to enhance customer engagement allowing the team to track progress for each lead generated. Dynamics 365 was also integrated with the hospital’s central patient management tool, streamlining processes and reducing administrative tasks. As well as the inclusion of SkypePOP, a time saving function that allows the CRM to automatically populate a form on the identification of a telephone number previously captured.


Key Benefits

  • Use of Microsoft Dynamics 365 mobile app
  • Comprehensive tool to manage customer and prospect relationships
  • Complete visibility of customer engagement between team members
  • Complete visibility to senior leadership
  • Performance measures


“The introduction of Microsoft Dynamics 365 has helped to streamline processes for my team. This has allowed them to spend more time talking to potential patients, answering questions and providing a key service for the hospital.”

Dan Lock, Commercial Manager, KIMS Hospital

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