The Pulmonary Vascular Research Institute (PVRI) is a non-profit international academic medical centre.

Case Study: PVRI

Case Study: PVRI

The PVRI is the only global medical research charity fighting PVD. Their mission is to improve the care of patients with PVD throughout the world by raising awareness of PVD, facilitating research and encouraging the development of medicines to treat PVD.


Web Facing Membership Solution using Microsoft Dynamics 365

The worldwide PVRI network makes it possible for members to conduct basic, clinical and translational research at a level that no single individual or academic institution could accomplish.

Each year, PVRI organise two large scientific meetings on different continents for members, the pharmaceutical industry and the drug regulatory bodies:

  • PVRI Annual World Congress
  • PVRI Drug Discovery & Development Symposium.

These events are the forum we use to facilitate global collaboration which allow PVRI to produce some truly remarkable work. As a result, PVRI have established an online library of clinical management guidelines, educational materials, advice and information about the current research initiatives and clinical trials.



PVRI were using several disconnected systems to manage membership information and payment details. There was no way for members to sign up and pay for a membership online and their website wasn’t connected to their back-office systems. This meant that managing website content was a time consuming, disjointed and a manual process, as opposed to having members contributing their own content which, once reviewed, was made available on the site.


The Requirement

PVRI needed a modern CRM system for managing their members, members’ subscriptions and marketing. They also needed a new website to provide the best user experience and provide added value for money for members.

PVRI wanted an intuitive, easy to use, cost effective database to act as both the backend for the website and also a sales, marketing and analysis tool for staff, including the ability to automate tasks such as reminders for expiring and expired memberships. They choose to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing due to the business benefits and integration capability.


The Solution

Infinity Group implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 for PVRI, and used a trusted partner to design and build the public facing website using the SiteCore platform.

To facilitate integration with the new website, we built a middleware web service was built to enable simple data objects to be sent to and received from the website in real time. Having all member data stored within Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows administrators and marketers to make the most of the data, running automated membership renewal processes and distributing marketing campaigns based on interests that their members are consuming whilst on the website.

We built a series of simple dashboards were build so that Senior Executives at PVRI could see their membership count at a glance, as well as memberships by geographic region, expiring memberships and new memberships over time.

With easy access to profile and payment history within Microsoft Dynamics 365, PVRI staff can easily run reports and create targeted marketing lists as required.

After running the solution for some time, PVRI, with the help of Infinity Group’s specialist Microsoft Dynamics Consultants, identified scope for extending the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to store and manage information on courses and certifications which members have attended and achieved. Again, having this data stored centrally in Microsoft Dynamics 365 allowed us to automate related processes using the Dynamics 365 workflow engine.

Payments made using WorldPay on the website are now synchronised with Microsoft Dynamics 365, allowing PVRI employees to quickly run reports on payment performance and missed or failed payments.

Event registrations are also stored and managed within Microsoft Dynamics 365, allowing users to configure and send automated emails on registration and attendance.

Infinity Group continue to work with PVRI on an ongoing basis and provide on-going Microsoft Dynamics 365 support.

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