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Skype for Business (part of Microsoft Office 365) is a complete, cloud based business communication platform designed to streamline business communication and client meetings.

Many of our forward thinking clients have already switched from traditional or hosted telephony to Skype for Business for ease of use, functionality, enhanced security and affordability reasons. Over 79% of enterprise clients in the US now use or are shortly planning to use Skype for Business.

Our recent Skype for Business clients

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What’s the difference between Skype for Business and Skype?

If you’re a regular user of the standard Skype, then Skype for Business will seem very familiar. The interface of Skype for Business is almost identical to Skype apart from the many additional features it offers.

The inclusive features within Skype for Business helps your business to run more efficiently eg. Instant messaging, viewing when someone is available, in a meeting, or presenting, providing industrial strength security for calls, or broadcasting a meeting internationally to a large online audience of up to 250 people including screen sharing.

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Meetings with Skype for Business

It’s easy to set up a meeting using Skype for Business. They can be scheduled in Outlook which sends a personalised link to up to 250 recipients. And, unlike other providers, its very easy for attendees to then join the meeting on their chosen device with just one click.

Skype for Business also allows you to record meetings and download the movie file, screen share and annotate PowerPoint presentations for real time collaboration during meetings. You can also use whiteboards, polls and Q&A alongside instant messaging from attendees during the meeting itself.

Make and receive calls using Skype for Business

What telephones integrate with Skype for Business?

Skype for Business fully integrates with the new high definition Ericsson LG iPECS handsets, enabling you to conveniently use Skype for Business as an IP telephony solution through your desktop handset. The iPECS 9071 LIP handset has an inbuilt android tablet allowing users to use the Skype for Business android application direct from the handset itself, allowing you to host video conferencing from the desktop handset as opposed to a desktop, mobile or tablet.

There are two ways to make business calls using with Skype for Business.

1: Voice:  calls go through a computer direct to your handset.

2: Using a call control client: making calls through Skype for Business direct from your iPECS handset.

There are a wealth of other additional benefits when using Skype for Business such as transfer, hold and mute, call your team through external DDIs, pick up inbound calls from different stations or groups.


iPECS Skype for Business integration

The key benefits of using Skype for Business

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