Intercept X from Sophos is one of the most trusted names in endpoint security and malware protection. Ransomware like the RAA, Zepto and Locky malware strains are the number one malware attack affecting 100,000’s businesses every day. Its a type of virus that encrypts files and holds them hostage until a large ransom is paid however, and there is little guarantee the files will be returned. Attacks like this cause massive disruption to business productivity and can potentially cause devastating data breaches.

What is Intercept X and how does it work?

Sophos Intercept X is licensed based endpoint protection tool that features CryptoGuard, which prevents the malicious spontaneous encryption of ransomware and protects against trusted files or processes that have been hijacked and keeps your business data safe. Once ransomware gets intercepted by the Intercept X technology, CryptoGuard reverts your files back to their safe states.

How much is Intercept X?

Buy Intercept X malware protection for as little as £3 per user/per month!

What ransomware does Intercept X protect you from?

Intercept X offers protection against all the main ransomware strains including Wanna Decryptor 2.0 (also known as WannaCry), Zepto, Locky, RAA Ransomware and many more.

If you would like to learn more about the different types of malware and viruses in circulation at present that Intercept X can protect you from please refer to our latest blog article which explains them all in more detail.

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Intercept X Core features

Intercept X CryptoGuard

Sophos Intercept X features CryptoGuard, which prevents the malicious spontaneous encryption of data by ransomware that even protects trusted files or processes that have been hijacked. And once ransomware gets intercepted, CryptoGuard cleverly reverts your files back to their safe states without any threat or disruption.

Intercept X Root Cause Analysis RCA

Your business has been targeted by a malware attack, the office is in turmoil. You want answers to these questions like how did it get in, where did it go, what else did it touch and most importantly what should you do now? Root Cause Analysis (RCA) answers these questions for you and provides an invaluable insight on threats to your business.

Detailed, forensic-level analysis within Intercept X illuminates the root causes of attacks and their infection paths, and offers prescriptive guidance to help remediate infections today and bolster your security posture moving forward.

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Intercept X Exploit Prevention

The unique technologies of Sophos Intercept X are designed to stop attackers before they have a chance to throw their first punch. Rather than examining hundreds of millions of known malware samples, Intercept X focuses on the relatively small collection of techniques used to spread malware. This way, it can ward off modern threats without having even seen them first. Prevention is the cure.

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