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We supply and install a wide range of Sophos products to suit all business needs from network and end user protection to highly secure server protection.

Managed Service solutions to transform your business 

By protecting the end point, we will ensure that your systems remain Malware free and all your data is kept secure at all times. As well as security for all of your laptops and mobile devices, Sophos also offers encryption for other devices and file sharing.

Sophos XG Firewall is newest, fastest and most effective product in three fold defence Firewall protection. It works by exposing risks, blocking unknown threats and automatically responding to incidents as they arise. The Sophos XG Firewall is suitable for both network and end user protection, alongside highly secure erver protection.

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What are the benefits of Sophos XG?

Sophos XG provides all the information you need to be in complete control of your business’ security. It  will constantly scan your network for threats from high risk users, unknown applications and malicious payloads. The Sophos XG Firewall then immediately alerts users to threats and provides a useful report outlining how your system/network has been compromised.

Benefits of Sophos IT Security Products

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Encrypt email and ensure spam is blocked

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One centralised admin console in the Cloud

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End Point and anti-virus protection

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Manage all devices in line with GDPR

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Runs on all PC and Mac operating systems

What threats does Sophos XG block?

The next generation of cyber security for organisations of all sizes, Sophos XG Firewalls expose the hidden risks that helps your organisation regain control of its network. Sophos XG Firewalls are able to identify and isolate infected systems – stopping threats from spreading throughout your organisation. Rich reporting provides unprecedented visibility into your network, users, and applications directly from the control centre. 

Sophos XG offers a high level of protection against the latest security threats.  Harnessing the power of next-gen protection technologies like deep learning, intrusion prevention, dual-AV, web and app control, email protection and a full-featured web application Firewall, the Sophos XG blocks unknown threats faster and more comprehensively than any other system.


What can you protect with Sophos products?

All your network’s computers, mobile phones, tablets and servers

With broad platform support for Windows, MAC, Linux and Linux server, Sophos’ unique memory footprint won’t decrease your speed. Optimised for virtualisation, Sophos Antivirus agent has low performance impact and HIPS protection for Windows makes it really easy for our clients to manage.

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Unparalleled protection

90% of small businesses worry their IT security won’t keep up with malware and 92% worry about the threat of ransomware (Source: Sophos). With Sophos XG your business will be protected from malware and ransomware and a variety of other threats in the most effective and comprehensive way possible.
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Saves you time

The average response time to threats with a Sophos XG Firewall is just 8 seconds. Sophos XG identifies and manages threats for you in real time freeing up your time to focus on other work. Setting up Firewall policies is easy as the Sophos XG offers policy templates for Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint.

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Top of the line technology

The visibility provided by Sophos XG, provides clear and extensive insights into the health of your systems. With real time intelligence sharing between Sophos endpoints and the Firewall it offers incomparable visibility and protection against threats and tracks back to their sources.

Looking for Sophos Intercept X?

Intercept X from Sophos is one of the most trusted names in endpoint security and malware protection. Ransomware is the number one Malware attack affecting 100,000’s businesses every day. Ensure your business remains protected from the majority of Malware strains and learn more about the powerful Intercept X please visit our dedicated Intercept X product page.

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