WatchGuard is the market leader in Firewall Security and Infinity Group are authorised WatchGuard Resellers. We supply the complete range of WatchGuard Unified Threat Management (UTM) solutions that can accommodate the needs of small businesses through to enterprise level organisations. 

The benefits of WatchGuard Firewalls

Firewalls help to achieve GDPR Compliance

A WatchGuard Firebox security appliance with Total Security Suite addresses 16 of SANS Top 20 Critical Security Controls (v6) and can provide comprehensive GDPR-grade security if all applications are setup and activated correctly.


WatchGuard Firewall Range

Infinity Group - WatchGuard Table Top Firebox
Infinity Group - WatchGuard Rack Mount Firebox
Infinity Group - WatchGuard Cloud Virtual Firebox

The T Series are designed for small to medium businesses and multi site businesses and provide enterprise grade security. Their range of Fireboxes include the T10, T30, T50 and T70

These are high performance rack-mounted Fireboxes ideal for larger businesses and distributed enterprise organisations. Their range of rack mounted Fireboxes include M200, M370, M470, M570 right up to the M5600.

All of the performance and total security but without the physical hardware. The WatchGuard Cloud Firebox solutions are ideal for any size organisation moving their IT Infrastructure to the Cloud.

WatchGuard Applications:

Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS) – A signature based system that scans traffic on all major protocols, offering real time protection against network threats including spyware, SQL injections, cross-site scripting and buffer overflows.

WebBlocker URL Filtering – Designed to increase employee productivity as well as protect your network, this services granular content and URL filtering tools can block inappropriate content and conserve network bandwidth, it also automatically blocks known malicious sites

Application Control – designed to allow you to or restrict access to applications, it can be tailored to a user’s department, job function and time of the day and provide real time feedback on what’s been accessed on your network and by whom.

Spam Blocker – With the power to reviews up to 4 billion messages per day, Spam Blocker protects your business from both spam and phishing attempts. This intelligent functionality protects regardless of the language, format and context of the message.

Gateway AntiVirus (GAV) – Identify and block known spyware, viruses, Trojans, worms, rogue ware and blended threats including new strains of viruses.

Reputation Enabled Defence (RED) – this application looks up the reputation of traffic, protecting web users on the network from malicious sites and botnets.

Network Discovery – Want to find were you might be at risk in your network? This application generates a visual map of all nodes on your network.

Advanced Threat Protection (APT) Blocker – Undoubtedly the most powerful WatchGuard application (only available with Total Security subscriptions). The APT blocker utilises next-generation sandbox, detects and stops the most sophisticated attacks including ransomware, zero day threats and advanced malware.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) – Prevents accidental or malicious loss of data by scanning text and common file types to detect sensitive information attempting to leave the network.

Threat Detection and Response (TDR) – Correlate network and endpoint security events with enterprise-grade threat intelligence to detect, prioritise and enable immediate action to stop malware attacks. You can then improve visibility by evolving your existing security model to extend past prevention, and then include correlation, detection and response.

WatchGuard UTM Subscriptions

With three subscription options on offer, WatchGuard offers a complete Unified Threat Management system and their security technology is rated as one of the best on the market. WatchGuard offers users the ability to pick and choose the applications within each package. However, as certified WatchGuard partners, we recommend all our clients sign up for the ‘Total Security’ subscription that offers the highest protection. We can also ensure each element has been setup correctly within the business.

Infinity Group - Watchguard firewall

We look forward to discussing your WatchGuard Firewalls requirements in more detail.