We offer a wide range of Wireless business solutions. From creating a Cisco Meraki secure Wi-Fi business network, to linking offices and connecting Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solutions to your Wireless setup.

We’ll plan and design a Wi-Fi network that delivers the required coverage, data rates, network capacity and roaming capability that your organisation requires. With a range of Wireless Solutions available we can provide a new wireless setup or maintain an existing network and also resolve existing wireless performance issues.

The benefits of our Wireless Consultancy

Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki is one of the most secure Cloud-based wireless networking solutions which enables organisations to manage their entire network from one dashboard in one location. Cisco Meraki wireless solutions have advanced analytics and intelligence built-in with multisite capabilities.

Cisco Meraki | Infinity Group

Business Broadband | Infinity Group

Business broadband

Unlike a lot of Business Broadband providers, our data network allows us to utilise many other carriers to get the fastest business broadband connection to your office. We also do not traffic shape or throttle bandwidth, so your connection is always fast, consistent and reliable.

Leased Lines

A dedicated, fixed-bandwidth and symmetric data connection, a leased line is solely for your organisation to use. Data speeds with a lease line range from 10MB to 10GB and they enable businesses to access the Internet, link PCs and servers in multi-site organisations as well as carrying phone calls and more.

Leased lines in London | Infinity Group

EFM in London | Infinity Group

Ethernet First Mile (EFM)

Ethernet First Mile (EFM) is one of the highest quality forms of wireless data connectivity and is ideal for large data transfers for services. EFM can be used for seamless VoIP, Hosted Telephony and access to Cloud Computing services

We specialise in delivering Wireless networks to the below industries

  • Corporate
  • Hospitality
  • Campus
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • New Developments

Here are some of our other Wireless services

Increased mobility and collaboration – roam without losing your connection and work together

Easier network expansion – add users quickly whilst growing your network cost effectively

Improved responsiveness – connect to the information you need when you need it the most

We look forward to discussing your Wireless requirements in more detail.