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The Benefits of Managed Services

18th Feb 2019 | 4 min read

What are Managed Services?

Managed Service Providers offer a full service business offering, from managing your IT Support, Voice and Connectivity requirements, to designing and guiding your business along a strategic Digital Transformation roadmap. They are typically used by larger SMEs who are looking to outsource all IT services as well as Mid-Market organisations looking to boost their internal capability with specialist IT Consultancy.

One of the greatest benefits of appointing a Managed Service Provider is that they’ll typically have a wide range of consultants on hand specialising in Digital Transformation, IT Consultancy and IT Security who are equipped with the knowledge of the latest technologies on the market to help transform your business.

What are the top five business benefits of Managed Services?

1: They’ll offer specialist Digital Transformation services

Digital Transformation is an important process for keeping your organisation up to speed with the latest changes in technology. While it may sound simple, Digital Transformation is a journey and transforms every aspect of an organisation whether it is moving your organisation’s data from on-premise to the Cloud or revolutions way your employees communicate with each other throughout the day – whether they work in the office or remotely.

One of the benefits of Managed Services is a strategic Managed Service Provider will design your digital transformation roadmap and guide you along the journey. This roadmap will include the latest business applications and technology to streamline business operations and enhance productivity.

2: Managed Service Providers offer scalability

Given the rate of current technological advancements and fast growth of businesses, organisations need to scale their IT resources in order to meet their ever-growing demands and needs. Typically, the size of your internal IT team is determined by the size and scope of the business.

Many SMEs and Mid-market organisations choose to appoint a reputable Managed Service Provider to provide Outsourced IT Support or specialist IT Consultancy as they can quickly up or downscale the level of services you require to accommodate business changes.

3: Appointing a Managed Service Provider makes business sense

One of the main benefits of Managed Services is due to the cost comparisons between employing a specialist in-house IT team themselves or outsourcing all their IT Support and IT Consultancy to a specialist provider.

Larger Managed Service Providers, such as Infinity Group, have a large IT Consultancy team that have knowledge of the most advanced security systems, software and hardware on the market including Cisco Meraki, Sophos and the entire Microsoft product stack including Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

They’ll also work on a subscription-style model where customers pay an agreed monthly fee for their required services over a set duration.

4: Added peace of mind when it comes to IT Security

Managed Service Providers (especially the larger ones) will be IT Security Specialists and will ensure that your organisation is protected from cyber security threats 24/7.

Using the latest technologies, they’ll be able to detect performance issues within your business network before they arise. More importantly they will also implement a variety of fully managed Disaster Recovery and Backup strategies which is critical in the prevention of the loss of valuable business data. These should include traditional on-premise, Cloud and Hybrid Cloud backup and recovery solutions – all of which have a high availability.

5: They’ll be specialists in compliance

It is important to take in to consideration their levels of compliance and assurance. ISO certifications demonstrate high levels of corporate governance, continual business improvement and sustainable business practice and most reputable Managed Service Providers will hold these.

Our experience

Infinity Group have over 15 years’ experience as IT Security experts, Digital Transformation and Cyber Security Consultants. We have transformed over 1000 organisations across the UK.

We have a number of impressive industry award wins, have consistent outstanding Feefo reviews from our current clients and we have been independently certified as ISO 27001 , 9001 and 14001 compliant demonstrating our commitment to corporate governance.

If you are interested in appointing Infinity Group as your Managed Service Provider, please get in touch.

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