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Microsoft Power BI enables you to bring together data from many sources to create interactive, immersive dashboards and reports that provide actionable insights that drive business results.

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Enable a data-driven culture with Microsoft Power BI_

Our team of certified Power BI experts help to deliver powerful dashboards and reports to organisations across the UK and internationally. Our aim is to provide informative and actionable business intelligence for all areas of your business.

What is Power BI?

Power BI is a collection of software services, apps, and connectors that work together to turn your unrelated sources of data into coherent, visually immersive, and interactive insights. The core suite includes Power BI Desktop, Power BI Report Builder and the Power BI Service. The Power Platform is constantly evolving with the latest Wave 1 and Wave 2 releases.

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The key benefits of Microsoft Power BI_


Enterprise-grade data insights
Pull all your data sources into one platform for easy access and to reduce cost and complexity.

Data driven decision making
Identify valuable insights using the data visualisations and built in AI capabilities.

Secure data in Power BI
Secure and protect sensitive data and ensure it remains compliant even once exported.

Empower your people
To create easy to digest dashboards with their most important KPIs.

Why do businesses choose Power BI?_


Make the most of your data by connecting it into one unified dashboard, slicing & dicing key metrics through advanced analysis and drill down further using customisable, interactive visualisations.


Publish your reports and dashboards to the public or within your organisations and specific teams. Collaborate with your colleagues and share key insights to colleagues and customers


Access your custom reports and dashboards from your desk, from home, or anywhere on the go by leveraging upon the Azure cloud and using the Power BI application.

Customer Service Excellence_

We’re incredibly proud to be recognised by Feefo as a Platinum Trusted Service provider. Testament to our client first approach across Infinity Group.

Power BI licensing explained_

Licensing options

Product Description Cost Type
Desktop Complete data analysis and report creation tool that is used to connect to, transform, visualise, and analyse your data. Free download
Report Builder Tool used to create paginated, or pixel perfect, reports. Paginated reports are designed to be printed or shared, such as batch invoicing or large data tables spanning multiple pages.

NOTE: Paginated reports can only be published to a Premium Capacity.

Free download
Service Cloud-based service, supporting limited report editing and collaboration for teams and organisations. Licensing and Subscription Options


Most Power BI report designers working on business intelligence projects use Power BI Desktop to create Power BI reports, and then use the Power BI service to collaborate with others and distribute their reports. It has also been integrated with Dynamics Business Central for streamlining of user efficiency and productivity.

Subscription licenses

All user-based, commercial licenses from Microsoft are based on Azure Active Directory identities. To use the Power BI service, you must sign in with an identity that Azure Active Directory supports for commercial licenses. You can add Power BI to any Microsoft license that uses Azure Active Directory for identity services.

There are two kinds of Power BI subscription licenses for organisations: Standard and Premium.

With a Standard, self-service Power BI subscription, admins assign per user licenses, with a per user monthly fee – there is no capacity subscription fee. Licenses can be assigned to any Microsoft license that uses Azure Active Directory for identity services.

A Power BI Premium subscription license provides advanced administration and deployment controls and is suitable for enterprise BI, big data analytics, and cloud and on-premises reporting. A Premium subscription license incurs a monthly cost for this allocation of capacity.

NOTE: The two types of subscriptions are not mutually exclusive; depending on your needs, a Premium subscription license for all content across the entire organisation may not be required.

Per-User licenses

There are three kinds of Power BI per-user licenses: Free, Pro, and Premium Per User. Which type of license a user needs will be determined by your organisation’s subscription license type, how they’ll interact with Power BI content, and if that content uses Premium features.

Capability within each license type is determined by your organisation’s subscription type.


License type Standard Subscription (Shared Capacity) Additional capabilities under Premium Subscription (Premium Capacity)
Power BI (free) Access to content in My Workspace Consume content shared with them
Power BI Pro Publish content to other workspaces, share dashboards, subscribe to dashboards and reports, share with users who have a Pro license Distribute content to users who have free licenses
Power BI Premium Per User Publish content to other workspaces, share dashboards, subscribe to dashboards and reports, share with users who have a Premium Per User license Distribute content to users who have free and Pro licenses


License Type Description Cost per month
Power BI Pro License individual users with modern, self-service analytics to visualise data with live dashboards and reports, and share insights across your organisation. Included with Microsoft 365 E5 £7.50 per user
Power BI Premium per User License individual users to accelerate access to insights with advanced AI, unlock self-service data prep for big data, and simplify data management and access at enterprise scale. Includes all the features available with Power BI Pro £15.10 per user
Power BI Premium per Capacity License your organisation with capacity to accelerate access to insights with advanced AI, unlock self-service data prep for big data, and simplify data management and access at enterprise scale—without per-user licences for content consumers. Requires a Power BI Pro licence for publishing content into Power BI Premium capacity. From £3,766.70 per capacity

Microsoft Power BI implementation_

Infinity Group are experts in using Power BI to build and share valuable reports and dashboards to a whole range of organisations and industry verticals. We draw upon our professional experience as well as our exclusive relationship with Microsoft to ensure we deliver the highest level of service to our customers when using the tool. Understanding your organisation’s data and using the correct statistics to drive the most insightful key performance indicators (KPIs) is key to making the most from Power BI.

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