What is Microsoft EM+S?

Today, doing business and living in a mobile-first world means that being able to work remotely with ease while still accessing company resources is essential.

Microsoft EM+S is an identity-driven set of Cloud-based BYOD Device Management tools that secure sensitive company documents which can be securely accessed by users regardless of location or what device they are using. With EM+S smartphones, tablets, and laptops are managed in a single system where you can also manage user credentials, applications and security from a single place.

Microsoft EM+S also helps to facilitate user productivity whilst maintaining compliance with regulations such as GDPR while also helping to facilitate the journey to Digital Transformation.

The benefits of Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security

Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Microsoft Azure Active Directory is a Cloud-based identity management product which provides ‘single sign-on’ functionality across your IT Infrastructure for users. This means that you only have one set of login credentials, and most importantly that you only have one password to remember.

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Microsoft Intune | Infinity Group

Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune enables users to link devices to their Azure Active Directory profile, allowing complete access to company data.

A notable feature of Intune is the complete separation of personal and business ecosystems, so organisations cannot read personal messages and vice versa so a user cannot copy business data into a personal app. Intune is also able to selectively wipe business data from a device should it be lost or stolen.

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Microsoft Azure Rights Management

A document-level security feature that enables the safe sharing of sensitive information within and around your organisation, Microsoft Azure Rights Management resides in the Cloud.

Azure Rights Management enables users to be allowed or denied access to documents based on the company, employment status, date of review etc, in summary, only authorised users can read and inspect the data that Azure RMS protects.

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Microsoft Azure Rights Management | Infinity Group

Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics

With real-time security monitoring, Microsoft Threat Analytics is an on-premise platform that provides detailed analysis and protection against the latest security risks.

Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics collects information from your network from multiple sources to build a picture of what’s happening on your network. It is always alert for security risks and is always improving itself. If a threat is detected, Microsoft EM+S provides actionable recommendations to remedy the issue.

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