Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing Support your sales process even further

Infinity Group are a specialist Microsoft Dynamics for Marketing Partner. Our team of specialist Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consultants have a proven track record of tailoring and implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing across many different verticals.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing provides the perfect tools to compliment your Sales team and processes. Move beyond basic email marketing and maximise your return on investment with smarter decision making and marketing automation. 

 Dynamics 365 for Marketing offers Dynamics 365 users yet another powerful application to compliment their current Dynamics set up. The seamless integration into the full Dynamics suite makes Dynamics 365 for Marketing a natural choice for existing users. The capabilities are vast, empowering users to grow their brand awareness, improve customer engagement, generate higher quantities of leads, and understand exactly what resonates well with their audience. 

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Generate fresh leads

Run campaigns across multiple channels at once, appeal to your buyers by creating personalised experiences and nurture your leads with LinkedIn integration 

Align your Sales and Marketing strategy

Produce a consistent view of your prospects and customers to ensure good business practice. Close more deals, track your leads throughout their buyer journey and increase your productivity  

Smarter decision making

Get real time marketing insights from Dynamics, remain focused on priorities, improve your social engagement and conduct customer surveys to better understand their needs and desires 

An adaptable and modern platform

Become a marketing wizard by using an incredibly intuitive product and invest your marketing budget in confidence