Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

Personalise and automate your email marketing to engage your customers and increase sales.

Expand your sales opportunities with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing enables you to make smarter decisions to plan and track innovative marketing campaigns. Move beyond basic marketing activity and maximise your return on investment with data driven decision making and marketing automation.

It empowers users with tools to automate and revolutionise marketing processes to help businesses turn prospective clients into business relationships. This bundle of applications are perfectly suited to help boost marketing department performance and help strengthen the relationship with Sales teams. Built on the new Unified Interface, Dynamics 365 Marketing helps agents design campaigns, communicate with clients, extend outreach, and plan and promote marketing events. It also regularly undergoes Wave 1 and 2 releases for improvements and updates.

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Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

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Generate more leads
Run campaigns across multiple channels at once, and deliver personalised experiences to boost conversions

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Increase conversion
Close more deals, track your leads throughout their buyer journey and increase your productivity and team performance  

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Make smart decisions
Get marketing insights that align with priorities, and quickly gather research to better understand your customers

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Boost performance
Increase the ROI of your marketing effort using marketing automation and user friendly, intuitive tools and features


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Design and Deliver Email Marketing Campaigns

The intuitive email message feature with a drag and drop content designer makes creating powerful campaigns simple and quick. Marketing comes with pre-built templates which simplify the process even further and ensure that all emails look consistent and professional.

Quickly generate landing pages

With Dynamics 365 Marketing, users can quickly create effective marketing pages, working from templates with the same drag-and-drop creator as with email campaigns. The landing pages you create will track client behaviour to provide useful data on prospective customers and trends.

Automate customer journeys and improve communications

The customer journey tools enable you to create multi-step multichannel marketing campaigns. These journeys can be formed of a pipeline of emails, responses, workflows and more. You can place triggers into the pipeline so that depending on the actions of clients, they are sent down different paths. On top of this, these campaigns can be specially designed for segments (defined groups of people) making them even more effective.

Promote, Manage and Analyse Events

The event management feature manages all the stress of arranging, managing, executing and following up on events and webinars. Marketing includes tools for planning and budgeting, publication, attendance, broadcasting and even ROI calculations.

Closely manage and track sales leads

Several lead-management features help marketers to generate leads across multiple channels. Once leads have been identified, marketers can apply Sales Insights and implement automated customer journeys to nurture these leads with personalised, perfectly timed experiences. Leads can be automatically scored on the basis of demographics or regency, frequency and monetary-value rules which you can set and then determine which leads should be prioritised by sellers.

Evaluate Marketing Performance

With the insights provided by Marketing you can evaluate the success of each of your campaigns. With demand-generation dashboards, charts and widgets for lead scores, lead progression and conversion rates, analysis is very straightforward. The analysis can be used to highlight successful campaigns, identify at-risk deals and improve future designs.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 License pricing

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Benefits of Dynamics 365 Marketing

The Unified Interface means that the Microsoft Dynamics Marketing application works seamlessly on any device.
It is intuitive to use and makes designing and managing complex campaigns simple.

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Compliance and Privacy

Built-in international, national and local privacy features ensure that your business is GDPR compliant and accessible.
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Professional Design

The design capabilities are simple to use and create professional, unified campaigns in just a few clicks.

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Analytics Features

Inbuilt analysis allow users to track the success of their campaigns and customer trends – this improves future campaigns and maximises effectiveness.

Dynamics 365 Marketing Integrations

Litmus: Litmus specialises in producing previews of campaigns so that you can see how your messages will look before you send them out to clients.

LinkedIn: The connector for LinkedIn lead generation forms can automatically sync leads captured on LinkedIn with your organisation so that they are immediately ready for the marketing and sales team to start nurturing them.

Dynamics 365 Sales: The most important integration of Dynamics 365 Marketing is with Dynamics 365 Sales. The information and advice from Marketing is seamlessly streamlined with Sales so that the two teams can work together and collaborate efficiently.

Customer Insights: The Dynamics 365 Customer Insights integration can provide invaluable analytics that can influence the design of marketing campaigns.

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