What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a suite of intelligent business centric applications that aim to help organisations transform and develop by improving their fundamental processes. Microsoft Dynamics 365 whole suite of applications run on the Cloud (Microsoft Azure) and are named as follows:

Sales , Customer Service, Field Service, Talent, Finance & Operations, Project Service Automation, Marketing, Artificial Intelligence, Mixed Reality and Business Central

The applications can be used individually or in various combinations as they integrate seamlessly across the Dynamics 365 platform using the benefits of Microsoft’s cloud (Azure).

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How much do Microsoft Dynamics 365 licenses cost?

The licenses for Microsoft Dynamics 365 vary dependent upon the applications and the features within each application that you would like to have access to. They are billed monthly on a per user basis. Take a look at our dedicated Microsoft Dynamics 365 licensing cost page.   


What are the different Microsoft Dynamics 365 licenses?

There are three core licensing options for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and these depend on the requirements of each client.

Application only These are licenses for when users require a specific application within the Dynamics 365 suite such as Sales or Marketing.
Plans – Designed for heavy users, Plans provide access to multiple applications from the suite whilst also offering read and write permissions with the added benefit of improved extensibility.
Team membersThese licenses offer reduced functionality at a reduced cost. Team members can view most information with the system but are limited on writing. We find that these are used by higher levels of management within organisations as they can oversee the business but don’t necessarily need write permissions. 

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Does Microsoft Dynamics 365 come with support?

We have a dedicated Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support team, where we offer a range of Support Packages to cater to each specific clients’ needs. Our UK based Service Desk offers technical support to clients all over the UK and we provide onsite, remote as well as assistance 24/7 outside of normal business hours, including weekends and Bank Holidays. To find out more about our Support packages, get in touch with us.

Does Microsoft Dynamics 365 include any intelligence tools?

Power BI and Cortana Intelligence are natively embedded into Microsoft Dynamics 365 for predictive insights, prescriptive advice and actionable next steps. Power BI is a Business analytics service that enables users to clearly view and assess data in order to make fast, informed decisions. Cortana Intelligence is a service offering that enables organisations to transform the data that has been gathered into actions. 

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Does Microsoft Office 365 easily integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Yes, both Dynamics 365 and Office 365 bring together the two worlds of business process and personal productivity. Familiar tools like Microsoft Excel and Word within the context of business processes, significantly increase productivity.

Can you integrate Microsoft Dynamics with other business systems?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 can integrate and work seamlessly with many solutions such as Adobe for electronic signing of your business documents, orders, contracts and service agreements. It can be linked with your LinkedIn account enabling you to update and maintain leads and contacts and even manage your hiring and HR process.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online vs On Premise

There are numerous reasons as to why Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online has more advantages. Microsoft Azure offers secure and reliable storage systems which makes deployment is easy and provides an ideal environment for Agile implementation. Updates and patches are automatically scheduled in Azure ensuring your sensitive business data is secure and GDPR compliant. With Dynamics 365 On Premise, security would have to be managed manually.

What is Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics NAV?

Microsoft Dynamics AX and Dynamics NAV differ through their functionality and performance offerings and you need to consider the specific business needs requirement in the future to ensure they correct platform is selected. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a composition of both ERP and CRM. Dynamics 365 forms a better solution to those looking for AX or Nav due to its broader functionality. 

What happened to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Suite?

The full capabilities of the current CRM Online Suite are now unpacked in Dynamics 365 into individual applications mentioned above. Please visit our dedicated Dynamics 365 application pages for more information about Dynamics 365 apps. 

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