Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Grow your business and make smart decisions with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Microsoft Business Central can be customised for all types of business

Microsoft Business Central is a set of business management tools specifically designed for small and mid-sized organisations. It enables users to automate and streamline their business processes and assist with finance, supply chain, sales, project management and services.

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Why make the move to Dynamics 365 Business Central?

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Do you have a lot of business processes which are hard to manage?

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Do you spend a long time running reports and manually analysing data?

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Is your current platform outdated or not currently supported?

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Has your business outgrown your current platforms functionality?

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Are you using multiple systems that do not integrate with each other?

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Are you keen for all your business applications to be Microsoft?

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Business Central Packages designed for SMEs

If you are looking for a fixed price Microsoft Business Central solution that can be deployed fast we have designed several options just for you. 

If it’s more of a complex, bespoke Microsoft Business Central solution you are interested in please jump to the sections below.

UNITE Financials for Dynamics 365 is powered by Business Central, Microsoft’s leading Cloud accounting software, it is best suited to businesses looking to replace legacy on premise accounting systems. These packages enable new customers to be trained, onboarded and live with a core feature set of Microsoft Business Central in just over a week.

All our Microsoft Business Central solutions are flexible and scalable and are managed under a per user/per month subscription based pricing model.

Fully Customised Microsoft Business Central solutions

Business Central connects information from all relevant areas including finance, sales and accounting. This data enables users to make informed decisions and predictions about their performance. The app comes armed with full accountancy software features including general ledger, multiple currencies, budget tracking, cash flow forecasting, bank account management, inter company postings and more…

Dynamics 365 Business Central features

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central’s many different features,  are brilliantly designed to assist small and mid-sized businesses. Business Central is constantly improving with regular updates. Infinity Group are a specialist Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner, who undertake regular exams and training with Microsoft.

Optimise Supply Chain

Built-in intelligence ensures that users are always aware of their stock levels and can predict the best time to replenish their stores, whilst costing measures are in place to enable accurate predictions. Suppliers can be managed in-app and their requirements can be logged and accounted for seamlessly. Business Central provide a holistic view of your full supply chain and processes.

Project Delivery & Costing

Insights, tracking capabilities and prediction services enable users to create and prioritise customer projects whilst managing resource levels and making effective decisions on the basis of project status, profitability and resource-usage metrics. Simple budgeting and planning capabilities ensure that projects are delivered on time and below budget.

Other Features of Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Storage Management

Within Business Central users can create virtual bins and zones to reflect their real-life storage capabilities. The planning tool can then be used to design an optimal storage solution with accompanying recommendations on where items should be stored and shipped from. This speeds up the shipping process and saves space.
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Accelerate Sales

Business Central enables users to track customer interactions and access guidance on the best next steps. Users can create specific pricing and discount structures and store information on them easily, meaning that relevant information is always on hand to supply to customers and ensure that customers’ needs are met.

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Enhance Security

The automatic Microsoft datacentre encryption ensures that your data is kept safe from unauthorised access, providing a secure way to store and transmit data whilst remaining compliant. The Role Centre organises information according to the role it is relevant to and gives them access to certain information.

Business Central Licenses

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a business management solution for small to mid-sized organisations. The application is highly adaptable and is rich with features that enable companies to optimally manage finance, manufacturing, sales, shipping, project management, services and more…  

The Business Central application has no minimum user qualification criteria, but it does have two tiers of licences to it. Business Central users also require a separate Team Member licence to access it, is Business Central. The two Team Member licences and two licence types have been detailed in the table below.  

Business Central Integrations

Sales Ledger: This integration helps users to accelerate financial closing and reporting.

Microsoft 365: Business Central is embedded within Microsoft 365, enabling users to use the tools they are familiar with to maximise efficiency including Excel, Outlook and Word.

Common Data Service: This integration makes it simple to share data with other Dynamics 365 apps such as Dynamics 365 Sales for the ultimate customer relationship management experience.

Looking for other types of Dynamics 365 Application licensing? Visit our licensing page for more information

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