Unified Communications and Hosted Telephony

Unify your business communications using innovative telephony solutions that are easy to use and built to take your business to the next level.

Cost effective Hosted Telephony solutions

Hosted Telephony (a form of VoIP) is an efficient, cost effective business telephone system solution for all organisation sizes. Many of our Business IT Solutions clients have recently made the switch from traditional Telephony to our Hosted Telecoms solution – Horizon, for it’s extensive range of financial and technical benefits and to future proof their organisation.

Hosted Telecoms resides in the Cloud rather than in your office. Users access Hosted Telephone systems through a standard IP handset and/or mobile app and calls are made and received over an internet connection which is routed to both desktop and mobile devices.

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Benefits of Hosted Telephony

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Reduce your Telephony costs

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Benefit from enhanced features

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Easily manage via the online portal

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Clear and concise monthly billing

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international calls

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Easy to use mobile application

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Why do businesses make the switch to Hosted Telephony?

A Hosted Telecoms solution will ensure your business telecoms are future proofed. You will also benefit from the below: 

  • Reduced business Telephony costs
  • Enhanced features and functionality
  • Easy to manage monthly bill
  • Remain unaffected by BT’s PSTN and ISDN switch off
    Is it easy to switch to Hosted Telecoms?

Switching from traditional Telephony to an IP based service is seamless and our telecoms engineers will ensure this is completed with minimum disruption to your business.

Microsoft 365 Business Voice
is another Cloud option

Microsoft 365 Business Voice is a cost-effective cloud-based phone system that can replace on-site PBX. It is fully integrated into Microsoft Office 365, so that voice calls can be made in Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Business Voice helps companies unify their communications and integrate seamlessly in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem that can be accessed from any device.

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