Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

Dynamics 365 Field Service enables your engineers to manage and fix customer issues fast and ensure consistent and dependable operations.

Manage teams on the road with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service application

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service provides the complete management solution for your field sales and service teams enabling you to drastically improve performance levels by using  intelligent scheduling, enhanced transparency, remote asset monitoring and billing management.

What is Dynamics 365 Field Service?

The Dynamics 365 Field Service  application designed to help businesses deliver onsite service to customer locations. It is an aggregate of several service provision tools including workflow automation, scheduling algorithms and assistance for mobile workers. These tools streamline HR management, itineraries and resource logistics and are specifically designed for field service departments.

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Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

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Equip your workforce
Real-time communication and collaboration between customer service, dispatch, field service agents and your customers

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Efficient scheduling
Optimise your service schedule with job routing, resource skill matching with the added ability to quickly reallocate resources

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Reduce call out costs
Increase first time fix rates and delivery performance by only sending out the field service team as and when it’s necessary

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Manage Resource
Efficiently match the best field agent to a work order based on availability, proximity and the required skills for the job.

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Manage locations and assets
Store and manage information about your customers’ service locations and all the serviceable customer assets.

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Preventative maintenance
Configure service agreements that will automatically generate recurring work orders to ensure equipment is always maintained

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Inventory management
The inventory management system that tracks real-time inventory levels by warehouse and includes all mobile truck stock

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Remote Assist
Launch Remote Assist mobile directly from a Field Service mobile booking and post call info to the associated work order’s timeline

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Dynamics 365 Field Service Features

Benefit from efficient scheduling

An in-built smart routing system optimises travel times and visit goals. With route planning and smart assignments, agents are able to fit in more calls per week and in doing so save time and money: the scheduling reduces travel time, mileage and vehicle wear and tear.

Manage inventory, purchasing, returns and billing

Field Service comes with the ability to manage stocks, purchase order requests and fulfilment and process returns. Users can also generate invoices and automatically catalogue products and services delivered to customers.

Improve First Time Fix Rates

With the ability to also use Dynamics 365 Guides within Field Service, Engineers and Field Service Staff can have access to all the mixed-reality tools they need to conduct maintenance effectively. This can be particularly helpful for newer  who are learning on the job.

Dynamics 365 Remote Assist

Field Sales staff on the road can work together no matter their location using Remote Assist on HoloLens, Android, or iOS devices. This is particularly useful for your junior staff who can easily setup video calls whilst on site with more experienced technicians should they need to.  The useful in-built tools guide technicians to their customer location, mean they will be on time for meetings, deliver better customer service and work efficiently.

Utilise the Smart Routing to optimise travel time

The smart routing system optimises travel times and visit goals. Through this optimisation, it increases the number of services per agent per week saving fuel and vehicle maintenance costs.

Identify problems as soon as they arise

Internet of Things sensors send signals when problems may be arising and allow remote technicians to fix problems before the Customer even has to make a service call. If a customer does make a call, they will be met with consistent, transparent service.

Planning and dispatch management features

Manage resources and equipment

Scheduling and Dispatch tools allow users to manage resources and the equipment needed for Field Service. The planning tools include visualising onsite appointments to assess requirements and skill-matching agents to tasks. The time-tracking capability gives insight into how agents and resources are using their time, giving management troubleshooting powers. Dynamics 365 Sales reimagines the seller experience with accurate sales forecasts, details of emerging customer needs and highlighted at risk deals. It also provides salespeople with actionable suggestions to help them prioritise deals, analyse pipeline changes and sell effectively.

Dynamics 365 Sales quickly enhances productivity

Analytics and Reporting Capability

Analytics programming gives users the data on key performance indicators, including managing work orders, scheduling activities and interacting with customers.

Define roles to determine features

Field Service includes specific role-dependent tools for each member of a service team. This makes setting up the app simple and ensures everyone has the things they need access too.

Streamline Communication

Communication tools built into the app enhance collaboration between customer service agents, dispatchers and customers themselves to ensure that the customer is always kept in the loop.

Dynamics 365 Field Service Licenses

Dynamics 365 Field Service helps organisations deliver onsite service to customer locations.The application leverages workflow automation, scheduling algorithms, and mobility to setup a mobile workforce for success. 

Field Service can also benefit from an add-on solution called Resource Schedule Optimisation. More details about the licences can be found in the table below. 

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