Microsoft Copilot_

A collection of advanced AI assistant features tailored exclusively to your M365 technology stack.

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Level up your productivity with Microsoft Copilot_

Unlock a whole new level of productivity with the unparalleled capabilities of Microsoft Copilot. It’s suite of AI tools revolutionise your workflow by leveraging the immense potential of large language models (LLMs) and harnessing the rich data within your organisation’s M365 apps.

Imagine effortlessly reducing the time spent on tasks such as drafting email responses, transforming extensive meeting notes into concise summaries, and streamlining repetitive tasks with seamless automation.

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An AI solution you can trust_

Microsoft Copilot is built on the foundation of the Microsoft ecosystem, instilling confidence with its commitment to your organisation’s security, compliance, and privacy. As it seamlessly integrates with your existing security measures, you can rest assured that your valuable data and sensitive information remain safeguarded.

Copilot grants you additional controls, allowing you to fine-tune and configure its usage according to your specific needs. Microsoft’s dedication to responsible AI development ensures that they design every aspect with the utmost consideration for ethical practices.

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Seamless AI integration with your everyday applications_

Microsoft Copilot integrates with your most used applications, enhancing the way you work across the M365 technology stack.


Enhance your document creation process with Copilot’s powerful capabilities. Easily incorporate content from various sources across your organisation, ensuring comprehensive and well-rounded documents. Receive valuable suggestions for the tone of voice to perfectly resonate with your target audience. It assists in crafting concise text summaries and rewriting paragraphs for enhanced readability and impact.


Unleash the full potential of your data analysis. Experience a whole new level of efficiency as Copilot suggests new formulas based on natural language questions, empowering you to delve deeper into your data. Identify trends effortlessly and generate visually stunning charts and visualisations to bring your insights to life.

Dynamics 365

Experience AI-powered assistance across your entire business application suite with Copilot’s capabilities extending to Customer Service, Marketing, Sales, and Supply Chain Management within D365. Uncover hidden insights, optimise processes, and drive intelligent decision-making with Copilot as your trusted AI partner.


Enhance your email communication with its intelligent support. Access content from your entire M365 stack to craft relevant and informative emails with ease. Rely on Copilot’s prompts to ensure your responses strike the right tone for each recipient. Get aid when summarising and flagging important emails, making your return from leave periods a breeze.


Transform lengthy word documents into dynamic slide decks. Enjoy a streamlined process as Copilot offers simple commands and suggestions to create and adjust layouts, ensuring your presentations pack a powerful punch.


Empower your meetings and conversations with Copilot’s quick summaries and actionable next-step lists. It seamlessly integrates into your Teams environment to effortlessly schedule check-ins and create meeting agendas, boosting collaboration and productivity.

Microsoft Copilot FAQs_

What is Microsoft Copilot?

Copilot is a collection of innovative AI-powered tools designed to boost your productivity while seamlessly integrating with your everyday Microsoft 365 apps. With intelligent features, advanced functionalities, and proactive prompting capabilities, it transforms the way you work, making everyday tasks faster, easier, and more efficient.

The suite of tools include Sales Copilot, Customer Service Copilot, M365 Copilot and more. These can all be used independently as standalone AI tools.

How do I get Microsoft Copilot?

Currently, access to Microsoft Copilot is limited during its initial phases. Selected developers can participate in the private preview by requesting access through the Copilot website. Keep an eye out for updates on broader availability as Microsoft continues to refine and expand its offerings.

How much will be Microsoft Copilot cost?

Initially, Microsoft Copilot will be offered as an add-on license available for Microsoft E3, E5, Business Standard, and Business Premium customers. The exception is Copilot for Dynamics 365, this is included as part of your Dynamics licensing at no extra cost.

As the launch date approaches, Microsoft will provide detailed information on pricing and licensing options. Stay tuned for further updates.

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