Achieving Digital Transformation is now driving mid-market and enterprise level organisations globally who are looking to align their IT Infrastructure with their strategic business objectives whilst remaining technologically innovated. By 2020, IDC predicted that a full 60 percent of enterprises will have a digital platform strategy and we are pleased to say that our Digital Transformation Solution – UNITE has developed and transformed many mid-market organisations to date.

Digitally transformed organisations are those that realign and bring together, people, data and processes to create a more efficient organisation, this enables a heightened level of customer experience which, in turn, assists with retention and fast growth. These organisations are highly regarded and quickly accelerating into the lead in a highly competitive market place.

Our recent Digital Transformation clients

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Digital Transformation Benefits

Adopting IT Transformation brings a wealth of business benefits to all organisations. Our Digital Transformation Consultancy service will take your organisation on a journey that will reimagine it, change the mindset and seamlessly accelerate it into the future.

Our Digital Transformation Consultancy will result in your organisation being digitally transformed and strategically powered by a combination of the leading industry applications and tools with a workforce who fully embraces the technology. Find out more about UNITE our very own Digital Transformation Solution.


Unite – Our Digital Transformation Solution

Unite is our own Cloud Productivity and Security solution has been specifically designed to facilitate the Digital Transformation and to accommodate the needs of all business sizes. It is available in two levels; Standard and Advanced. All of which are powered by the latest, market leading software and technology.

Unite Standard gives you access to the latest office software and collaboration tools plus a full range of security solutions to keep your data and documents safe and secure.

Unite Advanced includes all standard features plus additional security features and a backup solution to provide advanced levels of Digital Transformation.

To accommodate all sizes of business there are four clear pricing tiers 0-25 users, 26-50 users, 51-150 users and 151-300 users.


Unite Digital Transformation | Infinity Group

What makes Infinity Group different to other Digital Transformation Companies?

Retain, preserve and manage business documents and data

We will ensure that all your organisation’s documents are securely managed and accessed from one central hub. In line with GDPR regulations, access permissions can be assigned and you can manage which users can do with those documents. Eg, read only, do not print, do not email etc.

All documents and data will be securely archived in the Cloud but still accessible when required using an easy to use content search. This also features an audit log so your data managers can monitor what has been accessed and by who.


Implement maximum security measures

Your business data stored in the Cloud will be housed in an environment that’s classified as Government Cloud V6 (G-Cloud). This is the highest classification available so you can rest assured it’s safe and secure.

Our IT Consultants will implement Endpoint Protection on your network that detects Malicious Software and Malware threats, and should any business data become compromised the useful document rollback feature can be easily implemented.


Empower your employees to work more efficiently

Your employees will achieve more by using the latest Business Applications and tools. Our Digital Transformation Consultancy identifies the core requirements for your organisation and designs an intelligent solution to facilitate optimum efficiency in the modern workplace.


Satisfy and retain your customers

The wealth of new Digital technologies have caused a shift in customer expectations, and businesses need to adapt in order to accommodate these needs. Customers often rate organisations on their digital customer experience first and how serious they are on customer centricity and delivering outstanding customer service.

By digitally transforming your organisation you will demonstrate to your customers that you are a digital-first business and by leading by example you will attract other mid-market businesses with a similar outlook.


Adopt the latest digital applications

We’ll ensure your organisation is using the leading day to day Business Applications and operating systems, and ensure you can centrally manage all business devices including, mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops to prevent misuse, loss or theft.

We’ll promote inter-departmental efficiency within the organisation by implementing Microsoft Teams –  a business collaboration application where teams of employees can edit the same document at the same time from different locations and collaborate on projects.


Our Digital Transformation Roadmap

Digital Transformation Roadmap | Infinity Group

What applications and tools underpin a digitally transformed business?

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