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Microsoft SharePoint, part of Office 365, is a browser based collaboration and document management platform. SharePoint’s cloud based servers are well suited to SMEs or for use within larger businesses that are looking to store, track and manage documents or manage of internal communications using the powerful SharePoint Intranet functionality.

What is SharePoint in it’s simplest form?

It is a online platform businesses  use to store, organise, share, and access information from almost any device through a web browser: Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari or Explorer.

SharePoint is an intranet and content management system which provides employees with transparency of the vast of business documents they need for their daily work and convenience in making search as a tool to find relevant information they need.

What is SharePoint online?

It’s a cloud-based service, hosted by Microsoft, for businesses of all sizes. Instead of installing and deploying SharePoint Server on-premises, any business can subscribe to an Office 365 plan or to the standalone SharePoint Online service.

What is SharePoint Server?

Businesses can deploy and manage their SharePoint Server within their office. The server offers additional features and capabilities, such as Enterprise Content Management, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Search, Personal Sites, and Newsfeed.

The benefits of Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint features

1. Document Management and Record Keeping functionality

Manage manuals, policies and procedure documents.

2. Intranet functionality

Employees can use store and share information to team mates or other departments with the options of setting security permissions to edit and read only.

3. Inventory Management functionality

Track of equipment, supplies and records of suppliers.

4. HR / Administration functionality

Employees can submit holiday requests where the manager can see a consolidated view of requests of his or her team, making it easier for approvals or adjustments.

5. Finance functionality

Gain access to submitted expense claims, travel requests, or purchase orders cutting the time of approval.

6. Directory functionality

Store information concerning internal or external contacts and provides a detailed user directory.

7. Communication/ PR related functionality

Share company or department news on a regional basis and automatically by user location.

8. Internal survey functionality

Get feedback from internal training courses or the performance of a department.

9. Appointment Management functionality

Calendars and event repositories displaying weekly movements of key members.

10. Marketing functionality

Store all marketing assets such as videos, campaign materials and product manuals.

11. Project Management functionality

Teams utilise SharePoint’s calendar and team sites to monitor and track multiple projects, delegate tasks and track progress.

How secure is Microsoft SharePoint?

SharePoint can help you protect your confidential data from un authorised access by providing you the options to manage permission for sites and documents. In The UK, Microsoft have three data centres in located in London, Durham and Cardiff. Having these UK data centres is vital for industries such as banking government, public sector and health care meet the requirements of local data residency as the Microsoft Cloud stores your data both securely and in the UK.

How easy is SharePoint to implement?

SharePoint can easily be implemented by a SharePoint consultant after a business analysis  has been undertaken. Then put together a sitemap, put together how it’s going to work, and leverage their best practice experience. Ask the consultant what other companies are doing. Finally, once implemented, you must provide staff with training so they can manage it on an ongoing basis.

Here are the three keys to a successful SharePoint implementation:

  • Business analysis and assess requirements of your business
  • Determine which SharePoint model fits your business and how you can combine it with your current Office 365 licenses to utilise the storage allowance you may already have.
  • Provide end user training to your colleagues.

SharePoint Integration

Microsoft Dynamics CRM  offers SharePoint integration out-of-the-box. This allows cross-departmental collaboration, so that you can access documents from anywhere in your organisation quickly and easily.  As experienced SharePoint designers we help clients to realise the full benefits of Microsoft CRM integration. Infinity Group are one of the few IT companies to also offer Microsoft SharePoint Consultancy.

Microsoft SharePoint training programs

Businesses achieve the ultimate value from their investments when employees are empowered how to use the purpose of their business solutions. We offer Microsoft SharePoint training programs that deliver these objectives:

  • We educate employees about the business purpose of the implemented Microsoft SharePoint solution
  • We empower employees to enhance productivity and collaboration using the tools available
  • We harness increased business process efficiency, employee satisfaction and innovation
  • We prepare employees for future streamlining, integrations and transformation as SharePoint technology evolves

Each course is bespoke and tailored to suit your businesses current product knowledge and specific to your implemented solution. The successful adoption criteria are set collaboratively between you and our training specialists, ensuring that we achieve them together. We also offer Dynamics 365 and Office 365 training programs.

Whats new in SharePoint 2016?

We look forward to discussing your Microsoft SharePoint requirements in more detail. Call or email us