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Empower your teams with useful data and AI using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Insights to answer the most important business questions.

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Bring together the art and science of selling with Dynamics 365 Sales Insights_

Microsoft Dynamics Sales Insights is available via an additional license that can be added to Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise plans. Sales Insights uses AI and data science to help users gain more clients, build stronger relationships and sell more efficiently. It quickly detects trends in customer needs and expectations by analysing best practises, sales process alignment and all available data in the system. It can then predict scores and offer prescriptive advice to help your teams convert more opportunities.

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Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Insights_


Utilise valuable insights to regularly enhance performance within your Sales Team

Analyse previous conversations and successes to strengthen customer relationships

Use Auto Capture to analyse previous email messages and past conversations

Monitor opportunity close rates with predictive opportunity scoring to help improve conversion

Sales Insights helps your better understand your customers_

As part of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales suite, Sales Insights is designed for use by Sales Executives to better understand their clients and streamline their customer relationships. The service is used across all industries for any role with a client-facing component. Alongside Sales, Sales Insights provides advanced analytics is useful for training and management purposes.

It comes with a prebuilt, customisable dashboard complete with a list of clients, predictive scores, communication suggestions and a useful to do list. Additionally, it is regularly updated with enhanced features in Wave 1 releases.

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Some of the core features of Dynamics 365 Sales Insights

The in-built Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers competitor analysis and suggestions as to how you can stay ahead of the game and win clients from other companies. The prediction and prioritisation feature shows the intent that a customer is likely to buy, which enables you to work more efficiently and not waste time chasing dead opportunities.

A wealth of benefits for end users and Sales Managers

The Virtual Assistant ensures that client relationships are healthy and run smoothly. With the assistant to help you with conversation starters, time prompts and risk alerts, you no longer have to worry about pitching the right solution at the right time.

For Managers, the benefits of Sales Insights are huge, they can be quickly alerted to any risks, spot areas employees need to improve on and identify specific cases which are going downhill. This enables Managers to manage employees more effectively and identify gaps in training specifically in the areas they need it most.

Dynamics 365 Sales Insights Pricing

Some of the Sales Insights features are included within Dynamics 365 Sales, additional premium features require a Sales Insights license.

Sales Insights is an add on for Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise licenses priced at £37.70 per user/month on a 12 month term.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Insights features_


Mobile Assistant

Sales Insights comes with a Mobile Assistant who works behind the scenes to organise your workload. Your Assistant can prioritise your work stream and offer proactive suggestions, including meetings notes about your customer and their company. It can also suggest how a client normally interacts with emails, when the best time to contact them is and even offer drafts of communications for you.

Conversation Insights

Microsoft Dynamics Sales Insights will automatically transcribe and analyse the content, sentiment and speaking style of a client conversation. You will be given insight into what your customers respond positively to and can pass on this information to other people within the Sales Team and your marketing department to help boost conversion rates and lead generation.

Builds Relationships

The integration with Microsoft Exchange means that Sales Insights has access to Exchange data which it will use to determine which colleagues already have a relationship or have had a past relationship with potential clients. Client introductions can then be assigned to those with an existing relationship to ensure a warm introduction and higher chance of conversion.

Forecast Sales

Sales Insights provides accurate sales predictions based on the current sales pipeline and historical account performance. The AI-driven nature of the forecasts mean they are less biased and report less errors than human forecasting. Predictions are visualised with snapshots and deal flows, allowing you to track and analyse changes.

Buyer Insights

AI analysis allows Sales Insights to detect which clients are most likely to buy and which to prioritise. Each account is assigned a calculated predictive score of the probability a lead converting into a sale. The higher the probability the more likely they are to buy. Users are able to customise the signals which contribute to the predictive score to align it to your strategy.

Accelerate Sales

Sales Insights’ AI predictions and prescriptions help you stand out from the competition and gain more buyers. Sales Accelerator speeds up the sales processes into efficient short cycles. It will help you identify the next best customer and tell you the best ways to interact with them. (This feature is currently in the process of being launched)

Trusted Conversations

Once relationships are established the AI-guided selling within Sales Insights helps to build trust by offering personalised talking points and specialised next action suggestions. Embedded AI scans communications to recommend details that could be used as a conversation starter, it is also good for those managing large numbers of accounts.

Monitor Risks

There is a monitoring capability built-in to ensure that all relationships are kept professional and avoid risks. The integration with Dynamics 365, Office 365 and LinkedIn allows the AI to monitor communications and create a relationship health score based on the data. This allows sellers and managers to mitigate risks and prioritise safety.

Effective Management

As a Sales Manager or Coach, Sales Insights gives you the information you need to effectively train your staff. You can gain visibility into conversations, monitor performance and oversee risks. You can also provide feedback to employees with built-in coaching tools and use the insights to help with performance reviews and appraisals.

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