Microsoft Copilot for Security_

Leverage the power of generative AI to empower your security team. Automate tasks, gather real-time insights, and accelerate threat response times.

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Supercharge your security with Copilot_

Harness the power of AI to analyse datasets and provide you with clear, actionable insights into potential threats. This proactive approach allows you to identify and address security vulnerabilities before they can be exploited, strengthening your overall security posture.

Copilot works alongside your security team, providing guidance and automation for administrative tasks. Junior team members can learn and grow faster, while senior members can focus on strategic initiatives.

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Ask and get answers with natural language security_

Microsoft Copilot for Security eliminates communication hurdles in security operations. Ask questions in natural language and receive responses to common security and IT tasks in seconds.

Manage devices, access control, and analyse data risk with Copilot. Simply ask questions in plain English and get actionable recommendations across these security domains.

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Microsoft Copilot for Security in action

A snapshot of today’s cyber security landscape in numbers_

*statistics from Microsoft


The number of password attacks recorded per second.

72 mins

The average time for an attacker to access your data after a successful.

35 M

The global shortage of skilled cyber security professionals.

Your AI-powered security partner

The security landscape is overwhelmed by data noise. Microsoft Copilot for Security cuts through the clutter, empowering your team to focus on what matters. Faster detection and response times are just the beginning.

Copilot for Security in action: Benefits, integrations and ROI_

Deep dive into Copilot for Security’s capabilities with our infographic. See how it helps your security team to achieve better outcomes with less effort. Explore seamless integrations and discover data-driven strategies to measure the return on investment, ensuring Copilot for Security becomes a powerful asset in your organisation’s security strategy.


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Streamlined security with Microsoft and Copilot_

Experience the power of AI-driven security. Copilot seamlessly integrates with your existing security applications within Microsoft 365. This unified approach strengthens your overall security posture and streamlines workflows across the entire technology stack.

 Microsoft Sentinel

Empower proactive security with intelligent analytics that collect data and provide context-rich insights from any source.

Microsoft Defender XDR

Copilot’s built-in AI empowers proactive defence against sophisticated cross-domain cyber attacks.

Unified security operations platform

Unify XDR, SIEM, and Copilot’s intelligence into a single platform for seamless security management.

Microsoft Entra

Simplify protection for any user and secure access to all resources with a comprehensive suite of security solutions.

Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence

Transform your approach to threat detection with Copilot’s built-in threat intelligence, enabling you to understand and expose suspicious infrastructure.

Microsoft Purview

Gain complete control over your data with a comprehensive suite for governance, protection and compliance—all seamlessly integrated with Copilot.

Microsoft Intune 

Consolidate your cloud security strategy with a comprehensive solution that mitigates threats to devices, protects data and ensures compliance.

Microsoft Defender External Attack Surface Management 

Monitor your external attack surface in real-time, keeping pace with its dynamic changes across the globe. This continuous visibility empowers you to proactively identify and address potential threats before they can compromise your security.

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They can answer your specific questions and help you understand how Copilot for Security can transform your organisation’s security posture.

Microsoft Copilot for Security FAQs_

What is Microsoft Copilot for Security?

Designed for security professionals, Copilot analyses massive datasets at lightning speed, allowing threats to be identified and risk exposure assessed within minutes. Powered by generative AI and Microsoft’s extensive security intelligence, Copilot operates on Zero Trust principles to keep you ahead of cyber attacks.

How does Copilot for Security integrate with existing security systems?

This powerful tool integrates seamlessly with your existing security environment, including Microsoft Defender products and leading third-party solutions. It leverages data from these tools to generate customised security insights and offers integrations with additional ISVs, expanding its reach and providing even deeper threat intelligence.

Can Copilot for Security adapt to specific organisational needs?

Every organisation has unique security needs. Microsoft Security Copilot is designed to adapt to the requirements of your business. It understands the threats specific to your industry and the compliance standards you must meet. It uses this understanding to generate tailored insights and recommendations.

Is Microsoft Copilot for Security compliant with data privacy regulations?

Microsoft Copilot for Security is designed to work seamlessly with your existing data governance practices. It adheres to your data permissions and policies, and operates within the secure Microsoft Cloud trust boundary. This ensures your customer data remains confidential and meets all relevant data privacy regulations, including GDPR.

What are the technical requirements for deploying Copilot for Security?

While an Azure account is the only technical requirement, the real power of Copilot for Security comes from connecting it to your existing security data. This allows Copilot to analyse your environment and provide more tailored insights and recommendations.

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