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Improve customer loyalty and retention with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service.

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Improve service levels with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service is a powerful business application that uses in built intelligence to enable businesses deliver faster, personalised support to their customers. It saves a huge amount of your teams time that would normally be spent on admin based tasks and can help your business to build and retain strong customer relationships.

Infinity Group are a specialist Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner and have a proven track record of tailoring and implementing Dynamics 365 for Customer Service across many different verticals

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service_


Earn loyalty
Deliver a personalised service to your customers to help them gain trust in your ability

Improve retention
Seamlessly deliver the right answers to your customers at the right time across multiple channels

Improve customer service
Proactively address issues by monitoring customers intent and sentiment and behavioural patterns

Boost efficiency
Enable your workforce to make smart decisions and provide a consistent service

Benefits of Dynamics 365 Customer Service_

Improved Customer Experience: Intelligent case management features such as Virtual Agents guarantee quick response times and a professional, standardised process.

Efficiency: Dynamics 365 simplifies the agents’ work and takes away the need for manual data entry. Agent’s will no longer have to search for the relevant information, or trawl back through conversations to form the correct responses. Instead, Customer Service streamlines everything and manages agents’ time with inbuilt scheduling and reminder capabilities.

Innovation: Data from Customer Service Insights and Customer Voice allows Agents to analyse data and conversations to identify areas they need to improve. Managers can identify their agents’ strengths and weaknesses and work with them to rectify any difficulties to equip them to deliver better customer service.

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Useful Dynamics 365 Customer Service Features_


Customer Service Insights

Dynamics 365 utilises information from customer service insights to personalise every interaction an agent has with a client. These useful Insights capture a 360-degree view of the customer’s journey and ensure that an agent always has the background information they need to properly assess and assist a customer’s enquiry.

Customer Dashboard

Every customer will have an easily accessible customer dashboard; this is where all of their information will be stored and where every interaction an agent has with each customer will be recorded. All this information can be quickly analysed and shared in the knowledge base with other agents.

Customer Voice

A useful tool included within Dynamics 365 is Customer Voice. Customer Voice measures and configures customer feedback using surveys. This data then enables you to analyse trends and inform actions to increase engagement and customer satisfaction.

Case Management

Streamline communication and case management by creating queues and scheduling meetings to help you organise, prioritise, and monitor your work progress and load. These effective reminders setting ensures your customers are not left waiting, receive the right communication at the right time and your sales agents never miss an opportunity.

Chat Add-In

There is the option to use an inbuilt chat function which enables users to converse with customers via live chats. The chats are recorded and stored and can be easily transferred between agents. Conversations can be managed across channels meaning that an agent can also communicate with a client on the client’s medium of choice such as Microsoft Teams or WhatsApp, this is a great alternative to email.

Power Virtual Agents, are bots that use information from Sales Insights to streamline customer interactions and remove the need for time-consuming manual data entry. Once the Virtual Agent has had the initial conversation and data entry, it will refer customers to the most appropriate agent using intelligent case routing. The human agent will then be given all the information to assist.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Licensing_

Customer Service Licenses

License Type Description Cost user/month
Dynamics 365 Customer Service Professional Lower tier licence for the Customer Service application less complex scenarios with streamlined capabilities to provide core support functionality. £37.70
Digital Messaging Add-in for Dynamics 365 Customer Service Add-on licence for Customer Service Enterprise offering rich omni-channel engagement across digital messaging channels including 3rd party SMS and future social messaging streams. £56.60
Chat Add-in for Dynamics 365 Customer Service Add-on licence for Customer Service Enterprise that helps agents to engage in real-time with customers for quicker case resolution. £45.30
Dynamics 365 Virtual Agent for Customer Service Combined licence of Power Virtual Agents and Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights. £829.50 (per tenant/month)
Dynamics 365 Customer Service Attach This offers the equivalent functionality as an Enterprise licence but is at a highly reduced rate. It’s only obtainable for users that are already using another base Enterprise licence e.g. Sales Enterprise. £15.10

Customer Service Insights Licensing

License Type Description Cost tenant/month
Dynamics 365 Customer Insights Licensed per tenant/month and enables organisations to unify their customer data and understand it better through intelligent insights and actions. Customer Insights is a data platform that eliminates silos by enabling customers to bring data from any source and view it in one place. This subscription includes up to 100,000 customer profiles. £1,131.20
Dynamics 365 Customer Insights Attach Customers with at least 20 Sales Enterprise, 20 Customer Service Enterprise, or 1 Marketing application can qualify for this discounted licence. £754.10

Our implementation approach for Microsoft Dynamics 365

We run each of our Customer Service projects using the Agile project management approach. This is a flexible methodology that consists of robust planning, evolutionary development, efficient budgeting and communication between both the client and our project teams.

We choose to operate using this methodology because it gives our customers greater control over the final solution and ensures best use of budget due to the way they can change the direction of the development and implementation from one ‘sprint’ cycle to the next.

Customer Service application example integrations

The Dynamics 365 Customer Service app is integrated with numerous communications apps so that customers can converse with agents on a platform of their choice including SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line and more.

The Microsoft Teams integration means that data and channels can be easily shared within the business between professionals. It also gives managers easy access to their agents to manage their progress and oversee any authorisation that is necessary

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