Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

The complete solution to manage customer relationships, close deals and boost sales revenue.

Build relationships and grow revenue with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is a comprehensive sales application; that provides salespeople with the insights and action plans they need to bring in new clients, build strong relationships and close sales quickly. With inbuilt organisational capabilities, Dynamics 365 Sales is designed to help salespeople to efficiently manage all their accounts and contacts, correspond efficiently and generate consistent sales collateral.

The specialist Dynamics Partner

Our team of specialist Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consultants have a proven track record of tailoring and implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales across many different verticals.

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Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

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Build on Intelligence
Using CRM, identify customer behaviour, buying trends and forecast customer pipelines

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Unite by sharing conversations, activities, notes and proposals with colleagues

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Streamline efficiency
Automate monotonous part of your sales processes so your team can focus on actual selling

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Seamless integration with other Microsoft products such as Teams & SharePoint


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The two types of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales apps

The Dynamics 365 Sales Hub Application is built on the Unified Interface framework meaning it uses responsive web design principles to provide a seamless user experience regardless of the screen size, device or orientation it is viewed in. It contains the entire Sales Suite and is suitable for use by large businesses or enterprises.

The Sales Professional App is similar to the Sales Hub, but it operates on a smaller scale for businesses who do not need the Enterprise suite. It only includes a subset of the Sales Hub app’s capabilities but includes key insight and action features. 

Build stronger relationships with Dynamics 365 Sales

Dynamics 365 for Sales utilises the AI-driven data provided by Sales Insights to help users find more clients and maintain strong relationships. Sales uses the Insights data to help manage relationships with relationship health insights and provides suggestions for next steps with talking points, communication templates and reminders.

Dynamics 365 Sales reimagines the seller experience with accurate sales forecasts, details of emerging customer needs and highlighted at risk deals. It also provides salespeople with actionable suggestions to help them prioritise deals, analyse pipeline changes and sell effectively.

Dynamics 365 Sales quickly enhances productivity

The Sales App comes with built in automatic note-taking capabilities and contextual prompts to streamline the documentation stage. It can also scan and convert business cards into new records reducing the need for manual data entry which saves valuable time.

Streamline Training

Every phase of the sales cycle is accompanied by a business process user interface which provides contextual guidance. This enables salespeople to spend less time asking questions and more time selling. The Dynamics 365 for Sales application also includes useful sales playbooks which teach salespeople repeatable, effective sales techniques to increase sales and is accessible from anywhere and on any device.

Dynamics 365 Sales Pricing

Dynamics 365 Sales includes three different solutions that you can be licensed for, these are: Sales Enterprise, Sales Professional and Sales Insights.

Enterprise vs Professional
The Sales application offers two standard tiers these include; Enterprise – Higher tier and Professional – Lower tier, and high level descriptions of these are included in the table below.

Sales Insights
Dynamics 365 Sales Insights is an additional solution for the Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise application that continuously analyses the data already stored in your Dynamics 365 Sales and Microsoft 365 databases. This help users to better understand business relationships, evaluate activities in relation to previous successes and make more informed

Team Member License Pricing

Dynamics 365 Team Members are essentially light users of the solution. These users have full read access across the database that allows them to leverage insights but only with a subset of functionality. 

Team Members are well suited to Senior Management employees that do not need to use the system day to day but may want to access it from time to time to reference data, look at dashboards or export report files. 

The only application which requires a separate Team Member licence to access it is Business Central.

Are you an SME looking to get started with Dynamics 365 Sales? Visit our Quick start packages for more information

Useful Dynamics 365 Integrations

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Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 Sales is integrated with Dynamics 365 Marketing, which enables users to create marketing campaigns and track the performance within the sales application. This integration means that departments can work together using shared workflows and timelines.

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Dynamics 365
Customer Voice

Included with the Sales App, Customer Voice helps you to understand your customers and build a better customer experience. Customer Voice also provides survey and review insights to help sellers see the customer’s point of view and improve sales engagement.

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Sales Navigator

 Sales unifies LinkedIn relationship data and processes so that sellers can build trust and manage relationships on a large scale. The integration also helps identify leads and provides suggestions on how best to make introductions and recommends new connections.

What are the benefits of Dynamics 365 Sales?

Sales Application benefits

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales offers a wide range of business benefits your sales team members which include:
  • Teaching salespeople to find more clients, maintain strong relationships and sell more effectively.
  • Guide them and streamline the sales process to enable them to work more efficiently.
  • The Relationship Assistant helps manage relationships and removes much of the admin from the selling process including by reducing the need for manual data entry.
  • The central Sales Hub means that all insights, correspondence and appointments are together in one place.

Sales Manager benefits

The inbuilt training capabilities within Dynamics 365 for Sales reduce the workload of Managers whilst increasing the efficiency of their salespeople. Data insights means that productivity is easily monitored and feedback can be provided in real-time. The Relationship Health statistics allow managers to identify at-risk sales and intervene before an employee loses a sale and the Excel integrations and prebuilt templates allow for quick analysis and simple, informative feedback.

How can you implement Dynamics 365 Sales?

As specialist Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consultants, Infinity Group use their expertise and product knowledge coupled with our extensive experience to discover, analyse validate, build, deploy and launch a tailored Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales solution along with user enablement whilst providing ongoing support.

Using our extensive knowledge of workflows, efficient business processes and an innovative use of new technologies such as Microsoft Flow, our Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales solutions are specifically designed to automate the Sales and Marketing processes to cut down on tedious admin tasks and fast track the growth of your business.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integrated Service Vendors

Adobe EchoSign

Our consultants utilise SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) in conjunction with Adobe EchoSign to enable you to capture and save online signatures. This makes it easy to prepare and send documents for signatures and enables your customers, and colleagues to sign them.

Click Dimensions

ClickDimensions is a powerful marketing automation solution natively built inside Microsoft Dynamics 365. The useful tools and dashboards within ClickDimensions provide complete transparency of leads and customers to streamline your sales and marketing efforts.

Documents Core Pack

The Documents Core Pack enables you to design professional templates to implement within your solution such as as automated email templates, or other sales collateral, saving your sales team time and ensuring there is maximum consistency across all your customer collateral.

Dynamics Telephony

Dynamics Telephony is a professional-grade telephony application for Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM. It enables Microsoft Dynamics 365 to intelligently select contacts for inbound calls so that your Sales team can accurately record the necessary information to drive ROI and identify areas of greatest impact.

Power MailChimp

Using Power MailChimp from Power Objects, our Consultants can integrate your existing MailChimp account data within Microsoft Dynamics 365. Enabling you to send bulk emails from Microsoft Dynamics 365 and track email campaign statistics back to your CRM contacts, leads and accounts.

Power SMS

Integrating the PowerObjects’ PowerSMS application within Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables your Sales and Marketing teams to send SMS messages as an additional contact method for current opportunities. This is particularly useful for companies with a millennial audience or those in the FMCG vertical to remind customers of offers.

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