Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales – build relationships and grow revenue

Infinity Group’s team of specialist Microsoft Dynamics Consultants have a proven track record of tailoring and implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales across different verticals.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales will inject digital intelligence into every sales opportunity by empowering your sales teams to provide a higher, more personalised level of customer service based on historical behavioural and sales data. By effectively predicting a customers needs by harnessing customer relationship insights that are transformed into personalised notification reminders, sales teams are also empowered to recommend the most relevant products and services that customers are most likely to need from your company. The business benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales are endless.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Build on intelligence

Using CRM, identify customer behaviour, buying trends and quickly predict customer pipelines


Unite by sharing conversations, events, notes and proposals with colleagues

Streamline efficiency

Sales teams can spend more time selling and less time on time heavy admin tasks


Provides a familiarity for sales teams as Microsoft Office fully integrates