What is Microsoft SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint is a browser and Cloud-based platform that is used to collaborate, organise projects and teams as well as managing risk; making SharePoint a very powerful business tool. These functions of Microsoft SharePoint help boost productivity, communication and collaboration all while providing security for your organisation’s sensitive documents.

With this wide range of functionality, Microsoft SharePoint one of the most popular enterprise-ready web services for thousands of organisations globally which is designed to enhance collaboration, content and data sharing throughout your organisation. Common business activities like signature approval, document review and approval, and issue tracking can all be initiated, monitored, and reported on right out of the box with SharePoint.

Simply put, Microsoft SharePoint can be viewed as a centralised online location for your business and best of all it can be adapted to fit with how your organisation works and our specialist Microsoft SharePoint Consultancy team can customise this solution to meet the exact requirements of your business.

What are the business benefits of Microsoft SharePoint?

Cloud-based framework

One of the biggest benefits of SharePoint is being able to work via the Cloud. The SharePoint platform gives you unlimited choices to make your workflow simpler. Users are also no longer tied to a single device which enables you to connect with your business whether you’re accessing email, contracts or intranet at anytime and anywhere through an internet connection which means your employees can save time and maintain focus easily through the use of Sharepoint, resulting in them achieving more each day.

There is a heavy focus on collaboration, which is one of the overreaching benefits of implementing productivity throughout your organisation.

SharePoint forms the framework for Infinity’s Unite package, which is a collaboration and security solution that is powered by the latest, market leading software and technology. It has been specifically designed to facilitate Digital Transformation and Unite is available for businesses of all sizes.

Security and compliance

The security of business data should always be top priority for any organisation and Microsoft SharePoint is the most secure platforms available. SharePoint has large range of built-in security features that allows you to control who has access to specific content as well as access to sites. This also includes the monitoring of exact documents and seeing when they were accessed.

For example – an organisation may decide that only the Sales team can see a specific set of documents. Adding permissions means that these files and folders become inaccessible to anyone else within the business, thereby improving security.

Microsoft SharePoint has built-in site hierarchal structure and the Site Administrator of the has the authority to organise initial permissions. Your employees can access interactive Excel spreadsheets which are running on SharePoint. Using single, centralised versions of these spreadsheets, and proprietary information within can be protected even while multiple users are accessing.

Data Loss Prevention helps protect your data when you move it and when it is shared. This is part of Microsoft’s Office-wide solution for their Cloud-based platforms and are designed to assist with protecting your organisation’s sensitive data.

The security features in Microsoft SharePoint can help on the journey towards GDPR Compliance.

Fully customisable and scalable

Microsoft SharePoint comes with an array of most sophisticated and unique tools to tweak the features to suit your organisation. Thanks to SharePoint you can build lot of custom features and give your app an array of custom tools, and the subscription-based model of Microsoft SharePoint enables your organisation to add or remove users at will with just a few easy clicks.

With SharePoint, the developers enjoy the ease of integrating various features in any application of your choice. You can tweak the components and integrate them as per your suitability for the development project in question. The entire user experience can be treated with custom attributes associated with your organisation’s brand.

Within SharePoint, pages can be constructed as well as work processes and dashboards without composing code. Moreover, SharePoint can be customised to meet your organisation’s requirements by utilising SQL.

High availability and reliability

SharePoint services have been optimised for the MinRole based on years of analysed performance from SharePoint at Internet scale; including CPU, memory, disk I/O, and network latency. By deploying your farm in a MinRole topology, you’ll reduce network latency and increase reliability.

Seamless integration

Microsoft SharePoint seamlessly integrates with the Microsoft products that your organisation already uses or could implement, such as Microsoft 365 and also Microsoft Dynamics 365; simplifying workflows, processes and people.

Infinity Group are Cloud Computing and Microsoft SharePoint Consultants as well as being one of the top 200 Microsoft Gold partners in the UK. If you are interested in implementing Microsoft SharePoint please get in touch to find out more.

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