The power of recognition: why our company awards matter for employee appreciation_

18th Jul 2023 | 5 min read

The power of recognition: why our company awards matter for employee appreciation_

Fostering a positive work environment has always been at the core of our company culture. To empower every member of the team, we are constantly brainstorming on ways in which we can celebrate employee achievements to enhance motivation. Our annual company awards is one the ways in which we recognise the contributions of our colleagues for their outstanding work. In this blog, we’ll highlight the importance of our awards scheme to the entire organisation.


Infinity Group Illuminate Awards_

Our Illuminate Awards is an annual event which is organised to highlight colleagues, teams, managers and projects that have stood out throughout the year. Some of the categories include Team Hero, Supporting Team Impact Award, Business Ambassador and Progress Award. Nominations are open for a period of time, after which voting is carried out companywide, to ensure that the selection of winners are selected through a free and fair scheme.

Below, we’ll take a look at some of the benefits the Illuminate Awards offers to every colleague and the organisation as a whole.


Enhanced employee motivation_

Since our employees are at the heart of everything we do, we use the awards as the means in which Infinity Group staff can be recognised for their remarkable contributions to the business. The recognition from the awards is a powerful incentive for motivating all our employees. This is because individuals who are appreciated for their efforts tend to be more likely to show more commitment towards their work. They will also be motivated to think outside of the box for the creation of innovative ideas, therein creating an environment for growth and continuous improvement of processes.


Lisa Herbert, Infinity Group, Managing Director buttresses the above, ‘Our awards are a medium through which we show our gratitude to the entire team for all their tremendous work. We want to inspire and thank everybody for their individual contributions to the excellence of the Infinity Group brand. Last year’s was brilliant and we look forward to hosting another remarkable event on Friday.’


Strengthening company values_

Our Illuminate Awards highlight the core values of the organisation, which include ambition, creativity and the pursuit of mastery. Employees who’ve embodied these values throughout the business are rewarded for their immense efforts. By aligning our awards to the company values, everyone will be encouraged to uphold them in their day-to-day tasks. A supportive environment will also be created as team members support each other in achieving both their personal and professional goals.


Reward outstanding performance_

We believe in giving credit where it’s due. Our company awards provide a platform for everyone to be celebrated. It also cultivates a culture of appreciation and encourages other colleagues to strive for the best. Honouring outstanding individuals creates a sense of achievement and inspires others to follow suit.


Positive workplace culture_

At Infinity Group, we are committed to promoting positive employee engagement through great perks and incentives. Awarding individuals and teams improves upon the overall morale and productivity in the organisation. As one of the UK’s Best Workplaces™ for Wellbeing, we believe in engaging people by providing an inclusive working culture, where employee accomplishments are recognised.


Job satisfaction and retention_

We deem our awards as important because it boosts employee loyalty and retention. Showing appreciation for our employees promotes their affinity to the brand. It also enhances their willingness to stay with the company for an extended period of time. Additionally, they will have the motivation to go above and beyond in all of their work.


Our 2023 awards_

This year’s Illuminate Awards took place on Friday 7th July, at a lovely location near our Tunbridge Wells Office. It was a night of celebration, team bonding and most importantly the appreciation of employees who’ve made an impact throughout the year.

Here is the list of this year’s winners:


Outstanding Customer Experience: Leo Sharp (Technical Account Manager)

Service Desk Superstar: Ed Oplaat-Perry (Service Desk Engineer)

Above and Beyond: Rob Healy (Managed Service Coordinator)

Best Collaborative Project (Internal): Sage to BC Migration

Best Collaborative Project (External): Chapman Freeborn

Team-Top Utilisation: Field Services (Modern Work)

Super Converter: Gaynor Ollier (Account Manager)

Sales Superstar: James Belsey (Sales Specialist)

Biggest Contract Deal: Sven Kolczak (Key Account Manager,)

Technical Excellence: Andrew Jenkinson (I&MW Engineer)

Progress Award: David Brooks (Functional Consultant)

Departmental Ambassadors:

· BusApps: Zach Smallbone (Functional Consultant)

· Innovation Lab: Tom Lovell (Chief Technology Officer)

· Finance: Sintija Bukovska (Head of Finance)

· Modern Work: Lee Blackwell (Change and Request Manager)

· Marketing: Faye Waghorn (Head of Digital Marketing)

· RedKite: Matt Lacey (Senior Developer)

· People Services: Paris Webb (People Services Administrator)

· Sales: Sally Challoner (External Account Manager)

Team Impact: Sales Support & Marketing

Think Bigger Friday Presentation: You’ve been Sandler’d by the Modern Work Sales Team

Hero Volunteer: Nick Cochrane (Product Manager)

Business Ambassador: James McGonagle (Technical Account Manager)

Leader of the Year: James McQuillen (Lead Developer)

Team Hero: Dillon Hunter (Internal IT Support Engineer)


Congratulations to all the deserving winners!


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