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Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic Readiness

7th Mar 2020 | 3 min read

In light of the recent developments with the spread of COVID-19 in the UK; we wanted to reassure our customers and make them aware of the business continuity measures that are in place in the event that we have an COVID-19 outbreak within the business.

Here are our current readiness measures:

Contacting us

Should Infinity Group face an outbreak where several or all our employees are required to self-isolate, we have put measures in place to ensure the business can still operate as normal and continue to provide our customers their normal services. In light of any disruption, customers will continue to be able to contact us via telephone, email the customer portal and live chat on the website. If this is likely to change, we will inform all customers immediately.

Business Continuity

In line with ISO 27001, we have a robust disaster recovery and business continuity plan in place. This includes significant investments in technology and infrastructure to ensure we can continue to operate the business in a variety of unforeseen scenarios. Due to the current Coronavirus outbreak, we have already implemented some of these tasks as outlined below:

Remote working enabled

Every staff member has been set up to work remotely so, should we need to isolate the entire company, business will continue as normal and our services will remain unaffected. Our workforce has been split into test teams and are being made to work from home to ensure they can access our systems remotely and continue to work, so in light of an outbreak we have a tried and tested measure in place. Read our tips on remote working in light of Coronavirus.

Crisis communication plan

We have implemented a crisis communications plan to ensure we regularly keep all our customers updated and will keep you informed via email at regular intervals should we fully  activate our business continuity plan.


Our mainstream suppliers such as Microsoft have also planned various measures to assist with remote working.

If you are looking to set up remote working within your business, please get in touch with your Account Manager who can assist.

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