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Cyber Security and Cyber Crime


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Protecting your business from Cyber security threats

In light of the apparent cyber attack that happened in October on the TalkTalk website (read more here). We thought we’d share some thoughts on the importance of Cyber Security in today’s business and how we can help with your current IT Security needs.

There is no escaping the fact that we are fast becoming a tech dependant society with most daily processes being carried out in the cyber world. Although this provides a wealth of opportunity for businesses it has also opened them up to a fast growing network of cyber crime.

The damage from cyber crime goes beyond just internal business disruption, it can lead to financial loss, brand damage and sensitive data theft. It has been reported by PwC that 74% of small businesses have experienced a security breach in 2015.

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber Security is about understanding the cyber threats to a company and acting upon them, a proactive approach rather than a reactive. IT Security should be built into an overall strategy of a company rather than being seen in isolation. Our IT Security Consultants can help your company explore a range of options to suit your requirement and budget.

The losses that can occur as a result of a security breach can far outweigh this initial investment. Over recent years the market for IT Security and anti-virus has expanded which has resulted in a wider range of solutions being available.

Many small business do not have dedicated in-house IT team to help monitor and prevent any security issues.

The Cyber Essentials Scheme

The government have recently launched a scheme called Cyber Essentials to help companies who may not have the required skills or knowledge to protect themselves against cyber-attacks. Infinity in partnership with this scheme, provide security audit reports and recommendation ensuring your business is protected. This also enables your business to become Cyber Essential certified.

Infinity Group are Cyber Security Consultants and IT Security experts, if you’d like to discuss your organisation’s cyber security strategy with one of our IT Consultants please get in touch


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