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Kaspersky Antivirus – a security concern for the UK

6th Dec 2017 | 3 min read

What is Kaspersky antivirus?

An internet security software that is used to protect your business from Viruses and Malware.

Why is the security of Kaspersky being questioned?

In November, it was identified that Kaspersky’s Malware analysis is carried out in Russia, a country with a known high risk cyber security threat. This means that the Malware data picked up for analysis could easily find its way into the hands of Russian hackers.

Russia has already been accused for originating several Malware strains including WannaCry that caused mass disruption in the NHS earlier this year and the Petya Malware strain which infected several businesses across the world.

Since the Kaspersky news broke, the UK National Cyber Security Centre has confirmed this as a “cause for concern” and predicted that Russia has the intent to target the UK Government and the UK’s critical national infrastructure,” They have also advised that Russian based anti virus solutions should not be chosen.

So, why is the UK on high alert?

On the 15th November, The Telegraph reported that Russian interference over the past year has included attacks on the UK media, Telecoms and energy sectors, including a hack in June 2017 on the day of the General Election.

One of the UKs largest Kaspersky customers

Barclays Bank have been offering their customers free Kaspersky Anti-Virus software since 2008. However, since this recent news emerged regarding the links with Russia, they made the decision to email 290,000 of their online banking customers as a precautionary measure, informing them of this potential compromise. They have also decided not to offer the software to their customers going forward.

What are the alternatives to Kaspersky?

Whilst there is no evidence at present to suggest businesses stop using Kaspersky all together, some businesses are exploring other options in the meantime.

Here are some of the antivirus solutions we can offer:

Sophos Endpoint and Antivirus protection

Sophos Endpoint blocks Malware and Viruses by preventing similar techniques and behaviours used in every exploit. Sophos can protect all your network’s computers, mobile phones, tablets and servers including remote users, VPN connected offices and wi-fi and web and email servers. Read more about Sophos endpoint protection.

Sophos Intercept X

Intercept X offers protection against all the main Ransomware strains including Wanna Decryptor 2.0 (also known as WannaCry), Zepto, Locky, RAA Ransomware, Peyta and many more. Read more about Sophos Intercept X.

WatchGuard Firewalls

WatchGuard is the market leader in firewall security and we supply the complete range of WatchGuard Unified Threat Management (UTM) solutions. There are three flexible subscription types on offer, however the Total Security package offers maximum protection and includes and APT Blocker, DLP, Dimension Command and Threat Detection and Response. Read more about WatchGuard Firewalls.

Cyber Essentials certifications

The UK Government backed Cyber Essentials certification is an industry recognised certification for Cyber Security. The certifications provide a strong Cyber Security framework for any business and can help your business achieve GDPR Compliance.

Read more about Cyber Essentials.

If you are a Kaspersky customer and are looking to switch to a different provider, or interested in exploring the different types of antivirus and malware protections please get in touch with one of our IT Security Consultants to discuss your requirements.

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