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Microsoft Build 2023: All the big announcements you need to know_

9th Jun 2023 | 5 min read

Microsoft Build 2023: All the big announcements you need to know_

As you may well know the current buzzword flooding the technology space and beyond is AI. The conversations concerning Artificial Intelligence have become widespread, with Microsoft taking the forefront. At the recently ended Microsoft Build conference 2023, industry leaders, movers and shakers were presented advanced innovation and technologies aimed at improving collaboration and productivity. The annual conference is designed to showcase the latest software for developers and stakeholders worldwide.

There were many exciting announcements from this year’s Build conference which we will highlight in this article.


Enhancing the Windows 11 experience with Microsoft 365 Copilot_

Microsoft announced the introduction of Copilot to Windows 11, making Windows the first PC platform to offer AI assistance. For Windows users, this will be thrilling news as they will gain access to AI powered features to improve productivity. Copilot will serve as a hub for developers and customers to build and collaborate on complex projects. Located in the Windows sidebar, the new Copilot tool functions as a highly efficient search engine for Windows users. It can also be used to perform tasks such as changing desktop backgrounds and launching apps.   Windows Copilot will be available for preview for Windows 11 in June. 


Microsoft 365 Copilot plugins_

One of the main announcements was the integration of Copilot plugins into related apps and services. The plugins include ChatGPT, Bing, Teams extensions and Power Platform connectors. These are aimed at equipping developers with intelligent technologies to make their daily tasks more productive. Additionally, developers will be able to build new plugins for Copilot with Microsoft Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio.  


Chat GPT Bing integration_

Microsoft announced the powerful integration between ChatGPT and Bing for the easier assimilation of information between both platforms. This will make Bing the default search engine for all queries that will be input into the AI chatbot. As a result, quick information and more up-to-date responses will be relayed in real time for all users. For those using the application for educational or research purposes, the search results will include citations for easy referencing.  With ChatGPT taking over the space these days, Microsoft’s collaboration with OpenAI, will enable developers and users to have a seamless experience while using the AI powered software.  


Microsoft Fabric_

Build 2023 also saw the launch of Microsoft Fabric, a uniformed solution designed to meet the data and analytic needs of users. As a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, the software brings the power of AI right to the doorstep of users. It also connects real time analytics and business intelligence for the improvement of internal and external projects. Microsoft Fabric operates around Microsoft’s OneLake data hub and is set to empower employees with data and insights through familiar Microsoft 365 applications such as Teams, SharePoint and Excel across organisations. It is also made up of a no-code environment which allows developers to monitor real-time data in an easier manner.  


Azure OpenAI Service_

Azure OpenAI Service facilitates developers in building interactive interfaces. It combines  ChatGPT and GPT-4 for advanced AI capabilities. The platform integrates external data sources for maximum output. Azure OpenAI Service offers REST API access to GPT-3, Codex and Embeddings model series, which are all OpenAI language models. The models can be easily adapted to business tasks such as semantic searches and content generation. Additionally, developers will also gain access via Azure OpenAI Studio, REST APIs or Python SDK. 


Introducing Dev Home on Windows 11_

There are many moving parts in the ecosystem of developers. Microsoft has therefore announced Dev Home as the open-source platform to enhance the experience and interoperability of dashboards and tools for developers. Cloud development environments such as Microsoft Dev Box and GitHub Codespaces can easily be connected to GitHub using Dev Home.    Dev Home will provide an enhanced user platform in Windows 11 to improve the focus of work and productivity for all developers. It also streamlines workflows for efficiency and simplicity in code writing through its WinGet configuration. With just a few clicks, WinGet takes away the manual process of onboarding of new projects using a repeatable and unattended mechanism. The configuration also reduces any error prone process using the WinGet configuration file, thereby saving time and cost. 


Supercharging performance and security using Dev Drive_

Microsoft also announced Dev Drive, a new storage volume, tailor-made for developers. This system is a comprehensive solution for the enhancement of security and the production of workflows. Found on the Resilient File System, Dev Drive works together with Microsoft Defender for Antivirus for a robust security integration.  


Are you ready to be a crucial player in the AI ecosystem?

AI has clearly taken over the scene and forward-thinking business and IT leaders need to get on the bandwagon of developments. Microsoft is poised to provide its users with the latest AI powered tools to ensure that they have a competitive advantage in their respective sectors.    To find out more about how these latest releases from the Build conference 2023 can help your business, contact our specialists today. 

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