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There were a large number of great new features, functionality and products announced at this year’s Microsoft Ignite virtual conference. From enhancements to allow collaborative creation of Power Platform components to the general release of the ability to embed Power BI within Microsoft Teams, truly unifying the data you need with your collaboration tools all in one window.

One announcement that this blog will focus on is the, much requested, introduction of Power Apps pay as you go licencing.

Up until now, customers have been able to purchase either a Power Apps Per App licence, which as the name suggests grants access to a Power App for the licenced user, or Power Apps Per User licencing, which grants the user access to a number of Power Apps. Both of these models involved committing to an amount of usage of Power Apps each month.

Now, with the new pay as you go pricing model, customers can pay for Power Apps based on usage. Charges for app usage are based on the number of unique apps or portals a user runs each month and are charged against an Azure Subscription.

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This is great for organisations that may have spikes in demand, an example could be a company which uses a Power App to capture prospect details when attending an event, as these events are sporadic throughout the year, this model allows the customer to just pay for what they need to use.

Power Apps pay as you go plans include Dataverse access, premium connectors and other Power Platform tools required to run premium applications, meaning that you’ll have access to all the tools you need to build a deliver great, engaging, apps to pay as you go consumers.

The Power Apps platform continues to evolve at an incredible pace, delivering new and improved features on a monthly basis. Never has it been so easy to quickly create enterprise grade, production ready, apps infused with AI capabilities such as sentiment detection, object recognition and OCR capability. If you’re an Office 365 user already and aren’t using Power Apps in your organisation, now is the time to start, from replacing paper forms, to automatically sorting and filing emails, there are many simple use cases that can be set up in minutes and save hours when utilised across your organisation.

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