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The business benefits of Cisco Meraki


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Cisco Meraki is an industry leader with over 230,000 customers and 3 million network devices worldwide. Comprising of a comprehensive set of IT and Network Solutions that includes wireless, switches, firewalls and CCTV which are all managed through Meraki’s Cloud-based dashboard interface. Cisco Meraki is essential for any business looking to take a proactive stance in the high-end security and maximum efficiency of their businesses Wi-Fi network and the devices that rely on it.

Here are our top 7 business benefits of Cisco Meraki and why we recommend this solution to our customers.

Easily manage your network via the Cisco Meraki dashboard

Cisco Meraki is managed via a Cloud-based dashboard that boasts powerful multi-site management tools. This enables you to manage and identify faults remotely with minimal on-site visits required, saving time and reducing management costs. The Meraki dashboard also provides deep network insight that enables smarter working network management.

Cisco Meraki benefits all business sizes

Scalable from SME level requirements to enterprise businesses, Meraki Solutions grows with your business and adapts to suit your needs.

A product that provides optimum security and reassurance

Layer 7 visibility technology comes out of the box with Cisco Meraki switches. Previously, this was only available through overlay appliances which are costly. All traffic to and from the management interface is sent through an encrypted and secure traffic layer. Your business can also be confident that Meraki complies to applicable data laws such as GDPR and ISO 20071.

Management traffic is segregated from the regular network communication, which limits any malicious attempts to the management interface. AirMarshal, is Meraki’s own intrusion prevention solution which looks for threats over the wireless network and neutralises them. AirMarshal is integrated into every Cisco Meraki Access Point proving flexible, intuitive and state of the art protection.

All Inclusive License Costs

Meraki licencing works on a ‘per device, per year’ basis and are sold separately from the hardware. Licenses are available across the MR, MX, and MS product range for 1, 3, 5, 7 and 10 years.

Meraki products are automatically updated with the latest features and firmware.

Automatic updates come as standard with any Cisco Meraki Cloud dashboard-enabled devices. Patches, firmware updates and new features are rolled out each quarter for no additional cost, with updates also being able to be triggered manually. This means that your business is never left without the latest software and updates as well as being safe and secure.

You can access your Cisco Meraki dashboard from anywhere at any time

Not only can the Meraki Cloud Dashboard be accessed by any internet-enabled device, it is also always available which means in the event of a network outage or incident that brings any part of your network down Meraki will always be able to serve your business.

Cisco Meraki provides state of the art analytics and Intelligence

Cisco Meraki has built-in analytics and intelligence that enables a Network Manager to have full visibility of Wi-Fi network usage across the business, down to a specific user’s browsing activity. The Network Manager is then able to make restrictions.

These are just 7 of the core benefits we’ve outlined and there are a wealth of others. To find out more please visit our Cisco Meraki webpage where you will also find a selection of useful product downloads. Infinity Group are official Cisco Meraki partners and an official Cisco Meraki reseller which means our staff are also Meraki certified. If you are keen to find out more please do get in touch.


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