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The business benefits of Windows 10

20th Jul 2019 | 6 min read

Windows 7 is approaching its end of life on 14, January 2020, which means that Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or support for PCs running Windows 7 making your PC and organisation more vulnerable to security risks. If you choose to use Windows 7 after this date your business will become less secure, and more susceptible to data breaches, as time goes on.

So, what does this mean for your organisation? If you choose not to implement Windows 8, the only option is to upgrade to Windows 10 which has combined the most loved features of previous operating system versions and upgraded them even further. In addition, Microsoft is starting to shift Windows to a service model, WaaS, which means Windows 10 may be the last operating system upgrade you pay for outright.

Windows 10 is an entirely new version of the long-standing Windows operating system, bringing real benefits for your business. Whether using a tablet, handset or a laptop, working today means that our experiences need to be personal, efficient and mobile to make this happen. The latest Windows OS comprises all of these qualities, providing substantial Cloud-based tools that you can scale up or down depending on your business needs.

The business benefits of Windows 10 are worth exploring in detail and dependent on the size of your organisation there may be may need to start planning how you will upgrade the operating system within your organisation before January 2020. Windows 10 is already available and delivering impressive gains for business owners.

The business benefits of Windows 10

We explore some of the key business benefits Windows 10 offers to organisations below.


Data breaches are costing UK businesses thousands of pounds each year, and with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) now in force; it’s now more important than ever to keep sensitive business data secure. One of the business benefits of Windows 10 is its robust security features. Windows 10 is the most secure operating system Microsoft have released and with Windows 7 no longer being supported by Microsoft when system vulnerabilities are found your business is wide open to cyber-attacks and viruses.

Windows Defender Application Guard offers protection against advanced, targeted threats launched against Microsoft Edge using Microsoft’s Hyper-V virtualisation technology. The functionality works with whitelisting. This means that users can designate trusted sites to browse freely. If a site is not trusted, Application Guard will open it in a container, completely blocking access to memory, local storage, other installed applications, corporate network endpoints, or any other resources of interest to the attacker.

Windows 10 is also part of Microsoft 365, which is a unified Cloud-based business security solution that also includes enterprise grade Mobile Device Management and security tools powered by Windows 10. Microsoft 365 will also help facilitate your organisation’s journey to Digital Transformation.

Universal use across many devices  

The Windows 10 operating system is available on desktop and laptop computers and tablets. The Start button has returned to its rightful place and recreates a familiar Windows experience for users. The Windows 10 operating system is flexible enough to operate large presentation screens alongside handheld tablet devices. The familiarity and intuitive layout means your employees are able to hit the ground running, even under stressful conditions such as making pitches in unfamiliar workspaces.

The shift to Cloud-based applications and storage such as OneDrive makes accessing data easy, whether your employees are presenting in a client’s meeting room or working remotely. The of ease of access across devices in Windows 10 makes for a consistent experience wherever you’re working. The launch of the Windows 10 Virtual Desktop takes this even further, allowing users to access their desktop from anywhere and on any device.

Efficient multi-tasking

Whilst multi-tasking has always been high priority on Windows 7 and 8.1. Windows 10 offers the option to display multiple desktops just like you can on OSX. You can now easily switch between desktops by just pressing Windows+Ctrl and the left and right keys.

OneDrive and Microsoft Azure synchronisation

Windows 10 features automatic OneDrive synchronisation, allowing you to back up sensitive or important files away from your computer without needing to worry about it. It’s also handy that Dropbox also comes as standard as a native application.

With Windows 10, it is now possible to sync your login desktop with your Microsoft Office 365 account. This takes away the requirement for local domain controller server to manage profiles & accounts logins.

The return of the Start menu

If you’re a Windows 8.1 user or older you’ll be missing out on the new sleeker start menu that Windows 10 offers. Bringing back a similar menu to that of Windows 7, Windows 10’s menu is super easy to navigate and includes a useful Uninstall link directly on the Start menu, promoting efficient housekeeping of both desktop and Modern apps.

Unleash the power of Cortana

Cortana is Microsoft’s personal digital assistant. Cortana uses Artificial Intelligence and is a powerful tool and is able to configure tasks are specifically optimised for your business. By signing in with the Microsoft Azure AD Directory, your employees can utilise Cortana to access their enterprise identity, while getting all the functionalities provides to them outside of work.

Within work Cortana is able to initiate requests, complete tasks and anticipate future needs by surfacing relevant data in a personal context. For example once the phrase “Hey Cortana” is enabled on your devices, you can use your voice to tell the Microsoft Artifical Intelligence assistant to save reminders and much more for you.

Furthermore, you can dictate your notes directly to Cortana and then save them to OneNote for easy access later as well as asking Cortana to schedule meetings, set reminders and much more. For example, you can say to Cortana “Hey, Cortana, remind me to check my invoice status on Friday at 2:30 p.m.,” and when this specific date and time rolls around, Cortana will send you a reminder.

Organisations are also able Cortana’s skills by integrating their valuable business data into Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Azure and building a custom analytics solution with Cortana Intelligence.

There really is no better time to try it as Cortana’s Artificial Intelligence capabilities are ever evolving and it’s proving to be a very useful tool for organisations of all sizes. The built-in apps showcase what’s possible: for example if you instruct Cortana to email a colleague, the Mail app should pop up with the address field pre-populated for that person. Now that really is super efficiency…

Infinity Group are Microsoft Gold Partners and if you want to upgrade your organisation’s operating systems, find out more about the business benefits of Windows 10 or implement Microsoft 365, please get in touch.

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