Customer Case Study

Services: Microsoft Dynamics 365

If you follow politics, it’s likely that you’ve heard of Gallup. But Gallup is much more than just political polls—the company’s true calling is to be the “voice of people around the globe for their thoughts on economic, workplace, and political issues.”

Gallup’s customers noticed the improvement in sales communication and customer response times. In one instance, a potential customer visited a Gallup landing page and filled out a web form. Her information was routed automatically to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and assigned to the correct salesperson, who then contacted her within 10 or 15 minutes of her initial inquiry.

After using the new solution for just a year, tangible benefits began to emerge, particularly for the company’s visibility into the sales funnel. Gallup was able to build out the pipeline from an opportunity standpoint, so they don’t just have the sure wins, but everything. They were able to leverage the content that they create to drive leads and capitalise on that, and see the ROI of all their activities.

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